A farmyard cake

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After making all those romantic looking cakes, I thought of doing something different today. I’m adding a new class which is modelling figures. So, this is a sample of a cake which we are going to make during the class. I will also teach simple techniques on making a human, which is the farmer. But this cake is only 7″ in diameter, so in the end I couldn’t find any space to put the farmer in ;-) . But I will definitely teach how to make one.


I thought the sheep look really cute ! Oh I love the cartoon show Shaun the Sheep.. who can resist this cute face ? (am I pathetic or what ?)


A bunny, sleeping cat, hen and mouse.




Well, I can’t really explain how to do each figure here. You have to see me do it in real life, it’s quite difficult to understand modelling just by looking at pictures.

Further details of the class can be found at the top page.. Till then, take care and have a wonderful weekend. Thanks.


Min says:

Hai Amrita, thanks… I’m envious of your cooking skills, all those lovely dishes around the world !

Amrita says:

That cake is super-cute! I’m sooo envious of your decorating skills!

Min says:

Hi Ahmootha, sure I can make your sons bday cake. Let me know when ok.

Mat, ada ke u menyamakan diri u ngan tikus tu Mat…nasib tikus tu cute :) .. Thank you abang Mat.

Hi Yozora, hope your mom is alright now. The modelling class is already in the calendar, if you’re interested.

Wiz, this cake reminds me of Animal Planet la :) .. was trying to make as many animals as possible for the class. Thanks for the compliment.

wiz says:

Doesn’t this cake make you wanna sing old macdonald has a farm Min? All the farm animals are there already clapping and cheering you on. I love the duck Min, looks like a swan to me. Regal looking.

hi min, you will have to organize another class soon lah.. there are so many things i want to learn to make from you. they are really works of art…i love them all

ah mat gebu says:

salam min….ala..ala..ala..cutenya hasil u kali ni, i suka sgt tgk ayam tu dan anak2 dia..comeyy…..Tikus pun cute, mcm i..cuma i tak lah hitam mcm si tikus tu..hahahaha…

Ahmootha says:

this is really gorgeous! so professional. Can you make my sons birthday cakes next year…..Plssssssssss

Min says:

Thanks Intan.. buat figures ni memang lambat, no wonder la org charge mahal kan.. akak buat sikit-sikit since yesterday. Dok postpone berapa kali, never put off till tomorrow what you can put off till next week :) ..

intan hazlin says:

OMG!Cutenya those farm animals kak Min!! think of the time needed to patiently colour,mould, arrange all the tiny bits etc etc….(geleng kepala..)
Well done sis!