Gumpaste flower – Gerbera

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I’m not good at remembering flower names. I like gardening but to identify the flowers, let alone to remember the scientific name is like going through the agony of taking my Biology exam all over again. This flower I’m making, it’s called Gerbera (that’s what the PME magazine says). It got me confused with sunflowers :-? . Well, they look the same to me. Only thing the sunflower’s center is bigger. Thankfully, you could use this technique I’m going to show you to make both gerbera and sunflowers.

The cutter I’m using is from PME. Other items needed would be a wire, semolina flour, egg white, modelling tools, foam, black powdered colour, round cutter and a calyx cutter.

First, colour a small round piece of gumpaste brown. Mould it into a cone shape to fit the middle of the cutter. Take a hooked wire, dip it into egg white and insert into the cone.


Prepare to make the gerbera’s center. Colour the semolina flour with some black powdered colour.


Dip the cone into egg white and smother it with the darkened semolina.


Colour the gumpaste. Cut out a few round shapes.


Frill the edges with the modelling tool. Smooth the edges outwards to thin it. Use lots of cornflour to avoid the gumpaste sticking and for easier frilling.


Make at least two. Then, brush the surface with egg white.


Slide it up to stick to the bottom of the cone.


The gerbera’s center will look like this :


Now prepare the petals. Push in with the modelling tools to get the vein impression.


Thin the petals edges and then press the middle so it would curve up. You will need two layers of petal to make one gerbera flower.


Brush with egg white and slide up the wire.


Then prepare the calyx.



Secure with a small round piece of green paste.


The flower is ready !


Looking back at this gerbera, I think it would look better if the center is slightly smaller, don’t you think ? :cry: Maybe I’ll try that next time…

Anyway, to make a sunflower, just omit the frills and make the cone bigger. Have a real-life flower picture next to you for easy reference.

Till the next post, Happy Ramadhan (fasting month) to all my Muslim friends and visitors, all over the world. Thanks Sri for this lovely card, which simply translate – ” keep smiling, keep shining, during Ramadhan” .

And thanks to Yozora for this award :

Really appreciate it. Take care, all.


zai says:

Hehehe…rupanye dah ada buku da,ada jual kat kedai buku mana akak?Tak pernah nampak kat kedai buku,atau hanya blh dptkn terus dr akak je?sori kak…

zai says:

Salam kak min,kreatif sungguh jari jemari akak.Cantik2 bunga yg di buat akak.Apa kata akak bukukan hasil kerja akak ni,boleh jugak berkongsi dengan peminat yg baru nak berjinak2 buat bunga ni,macam saya la.semoga akak teruskan hasil kerja yg lebih kreatif dimasa depan.gud luck.

Min says:

Thanks Ida, sudi singgah sini.. kita pun baru nak berjinak-jinak buat bunga ni.

Ida Isk says:

salam min..ya allah rajin nya…his his kalau ida mahu tercabut tu .hhehe cun dah tu ,baru tahu beza kedua2nya bunga tu.ida ingat sama ajee sunflower ajee..