Fondant cake

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I learn to make this cake about a month ago when I attended a short course at one of our local college. Its a cake made from fondant. As you can see, the artwork is not perfect. But it’s an achievement to me, being my first time.

fondant1.GIF pict0041.JPG

If you want the recipe to make the fondant, please let me know.


Yasmin says:

Salam dik, use the search box on the right and type fondant recipe. cheers.

Yasmin says:

hai dik, fondant resepi ada di blog ni, guna search on the right. Boleh guna buttercream, apricot glaze, or piping gel. tq.

Yasmin says:

Hi Ivy, thanks so much. Yes you can use sponge but do not press too hard when trying to smooth the fondant.

Ivy says:

Hi Yasmin. Love your blog. Very informative and thank you for sharing unreservedly. How is wish that your classes can be conducted in KK. Just wondering, you mentioned that fondant can also be used on sponge cake. Wouldn’t it be too soft and the sponge cake may be “squashed” ? Tq.

Yasmin says:

Wkmslm , yg sesuai dan senang tuk balut ngan fondant is kek jenis padat seperti butter cake, fruit cake. Tapi sponge pun boleh cuma jgn di tekan terlalu kuat. tq.

Moon says:

Salam. Saya tak pernah cuba kek fondant ni. Boleh saya tahu jenis kek yang sesuai untuk fondant?

Yasmin says:

HI Beulah, so nice to hear from you. Thanks very much for dropping by, ok will check out your profile. All the best to you too :)

Beulah says:

Hi there, I just love your work so much, me myself is baking cake’s for a living and these cake’s of your;s is just so insperational to me, we can learn from each other, go have a look on facebook to see the cake’s I have baked-facebook name-Neil En Beulah Lyon. I like the dripping fondant idea, just to dip the cake’s in and your handbag cake is so awesome! You go girl…

Min says:

Salam semua, resepi fondant and gumpaste ada, under category ‘recipes’.

Fondanticing, thanks for visiting. Nice to hear from someone in UK.

ABE, I bought it here in KL, at ICCA.

Norrizan, cuba guna resepi gumpaste yg I bagi tu. Sekejap je keras. Memang sometimes when it too humid, mcm kalau musim hujan, bunga akan lambat kering. I wouldn’t change the ingredients that goes into the recipe. Thanks.

anis says:

i admire your work and looking forward to be your student… :)

norrizan ramudin says:

Min,This is my first time writing to you.Its so happened that I klick your website,I really fall inlove with all your work.Especially the fondant work.
I would like to know is there a way that I can keep my fondant flower to set hard because When I try doing the flower with gum paste it doesn,t get hard and the dough become very sticky.
For your info I didn,t work in the aircond room as my plaece is a very cool and wet area.Is there a solution for this problem?May be I do not need to use geletine in my gum paste?
please advice thank you very much.

ABE says:


suhaida(sue) says:

Hai k.min!nak tnya bila lak nak wat class fondant kat area jb or csiang

Fondant Icing Recipe says:

As a UK-based Fondant Icing fan, I found your blog on google and read a few of your other cake decorating posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

zureen says:

salam kak min….

can i have a resepi make fondant

ros2296 says:

salam,tk da pun resipi fondant yg I nk tu?tQ

qist says:

salam. Min, boleh saya dpatkan resepi fondant dan steam buttercream tu? Thanks

su says:

kak min,antara guna steam buttercream dgn fondant utk cake,yg mana lg cun cakenye?

Sabrina says:

Hi Min,
As usuall, you did a fine finish project. This fondant cake is very cool.
Do you mind posting the fondant receipi for me to look at and adopt it.

Thx in advance

anne says:


can i have a resepi make fondant

Kak Ida says:

Hi Min, I saw your bakingprject banner hanging. Ok alright lah
2 cantek. Nanti beritahu buat di mana…kak ida

Min says:

Salam Nury, resepi utk apa ye ? Cake ini hanya guna dummy (stryrofoam). :)

nury kuning says:

bagus sekali cakenya,saya ingin minta resapinya

Min says:

Please refer to my entry dated 25th March, 08 on how to make fondant. Tq.

cipudingurl says:

camner cara2 nk wat fondant?plz let me know a.s.a.p

Min says:

Guna resepi yellow cake tu ke ? Boleh.. utk cupcakes and cake pun boleh. :)

maria says:

hi kak min..kalau nak buat kek fondant ni gune resepi yg akak bg sblm ni tu blh tak?yg akak ambik dr Wilton website tu?


lovely work you have there,keep it up ,from nigeria

Zara Miravent says:

Hi Yasmin!

So finally I got some time to come and visit your lovely blog! It is very nice from you to share all your achievements :-) This cake looks beautiful, pretty brush embroidery on the side! happy caking :-)