A typical Melayu hantaran cake

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I made this cake today.. just for the fun of it. Before you start complementing me on the flowers, let me confess that those are store-bought (from Bagus). I am not a flower person, I would rather spend less than RM10 to get flowers as beautiful as this one. Trying to make a spray like this would take me ages and the outcome, sad to say, will never look as nice.

But the rest of the cake is my original idea. Actually I coloured the base too yellow, that’s why la have to buat table cloth to cover up :lol: . I used two types of crimpers for the sides of the cloth and the star design. Very simple cake to make. Finish off by dusting some gold pearl dust on the lace cut-outs at the bottom of the cake.

Some tips to remember, when making fabric effect like this hantaran cake, always use 50:50 of sugarpaste and gumpaste (same qty). The gumpaste will help to give more curves and avoid cracks in your fabric design.

Thanks for looking.


Hayati says:

Leh x k.min explain apa different antara sugarpaste, gumpaste or fondant

Hayati says:

K.min sy baru minat bljr psl kek tp x byk y tahu psl apa gumpaste or fondant. adakah dia benda yang sama?

Min says:

Thank you Suriya.. glad to be of some help to others with the same interest.

Emil, harga kek ada kat top page tu.. under “fondant cakes order”. Cuti sekolah pun dah nak habis ni, mesti bisnes Emil kencang ni !

emil@mamamia says:

hi kak min..ala..tak kisah la bunga beli ke buat ke..janji..ur cake mmg adoreable la..cantek bangat..hhmm siap pakaikan baju lagi..siap ada table cloth hehehe

patut la cantik…hehehe
kak min email me the price range or categories of cake or watever…musim2 kawen ni

thanks ya

suriya says:

Ghee! How nice it is, beautiful ! I just found out your blog, I admire your
honesty and your creativity. Congratulations for being a kind hearted person
who is willing to share your knowledge to others. Thank you, Love browsing your blog Min. Keep it up. Would like to join your class one day.!

Min says:

Thanks Dayang, Aqis n Ida.

ida isk says:

salam min…wadusss tu kuning diraja tau…hehee thanks for the tips

AQis says:

k min…aqis x pas lg hak gini…kang kain tu sure x jd tablecloth jadik kainburuk plakss huhu

Salam min,cantik kek fondant tu,suka tgk :)))