Sugarpaste/ fondant make-up bag

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Last night after watching ‘Return to River Cottage’ (I love that show!) I took out my fondant and started making this cute little make-ups. Actually, I followed the design from a book called ‘Perfect Party Cakes made easy’ by Carol Deacon. Making these little things will require your full concentration, sometimes I like doing it coz time really flies without me noticing it.



I left that to harden a bit overnight and this morning, attempted to make the make-up bag. For this I’m just using my cylindrical pot (to replace the actual cake, I didn’t bake any). First, roll the colored fondant, make some crisscross lines, and then wrap it around the cake.

makeup3.JPG makeup4.JPG

At this stage, it looks like a total mess and I was confident this project is doom ! Quite difficult actually to wrap the whole thing, the fondant keeps breaking at some places. Anyway, somehow I did it..then I trim the upper part of the bag with my tiny knife.


Once all looks alright, make a few small balls and tuck it against the side of the bag, so it doesn’t collapse. (Oh yes, before that, remember to put a layer of black fondant on the base of the cake in the bag). Then start arranging the make-ups. Make some strings, twist it and attached to the bag.

My completed make-up bag :



Boleh la ye.. alright, signing off now. Have a good day ahead :-) .


deana says:

Hi Min..your work is wonderful la..so pro.thank you for dropping by my blog.sure we can exchange idea

Min says:

Diba, tu bukan kek betul, saje nak practise. Sebenarnya fondant ni makan sikit-sikit tak pe la, manis sgt. Buat dari icing sugarkan..thanks Diba singgah sini.

diba says:

Kek dlm tu pakai dummy ke real?? Bestnye anak2 Min yer.. Dpt mama yg rajin

Min says:

Ala cuba la buat Mat, bukan susah sangat, mcm main plastercine..tangan kita pun keras, baru nak belajar. Bakat terpendam..hahahah. Thanks ye selalu jenguk blog kita. :)

Ah Mat Gebu says:

salam min…mat kan ada buku “The International School Of Sugarcraft” by Nicholas Lodge, book 1 (for beginners) and book 2 (for advanced)….dah lama tau mat beli more then 10 years (1996)…tapi tak buat, sebab masa tu cuma suka sangat tgk picture dan cara2 dia buat, lagi pun masa tu tak femes macam sekarang orang buat sugarcraft, bahan2 pun sukar nak dapat tak macam sekarang…Tabik kan u min!!!….