Frangipani flower and cake

I was leafing through my cake decorating book and saw this beautiful frangipani flowers (kemboja). Tried doing it last night, the gumpaste flowers were left to dry in egg cartons on top of my fridge. Somehow, I find this method always speed up the drying of the flowers. By today, the frangipanis are quite hard. So, this is the cake I came out with :




The gumpaste flowers, to me, doesn’t really look real. I tried to make a blooming frangipani, but it was quite difficult as the base of the petal is too thin and breaks easily. So I guess I’ll have to stick to not-so-blooming kemboja.

For the cake, I use two layers of fondant. Then I make the swag. You can learn how to make the swag (yang macam langsir tu..) from Add the tiny pearls at the base of the cake. Lastly, I arrange the flowers and leaves. I’ll do a post on how to make the frangipani later, ok. For the shiny look, I squeeze a few drops of lemon juice, added my pearl dust and painted the swags and the red pearly thingy.

I guess that’s it. My swags and ribbon do need some improvement. But I’m quite happy with the results :) .

Bye for now,

p/s : 13/5/08 – I found a good tutorial on how to make the frangipanis. Click here. 

tinit says:

k.min, nak tanya, ape beza fondant n sugar paste… maaf yek… sy br mengenali dua deko cake nie…… pastu class tuk modelling pd 21.05.2010 still ada kosong ke?

Yasmin says:

Lela, setahu I yg jual kat, kat Kepong, KL. Tempat lain tak sure. thanks.

Lela Manja says:

Salam, leh bantu sya kat mana nak dapatkan edible image printer. Coz setiap kali nak buat edible image deco cake sya harus oder frm semenanjung. ianya agak mahal.

Yasmin says:

Airin, Sekolah pastri hotbread tu sekarang namanye MIB, malaysia inst. of baking rasanye, kat ngan menara MPPJ. Boleh google cari website depa.

Wati, akak dtg Sabah insyaallah bulan Feb or Mac tahun depan. Kalau pjg umur ye. :)

wati says:

salam…bila nAK wat class kat sabah??

airin@koyen says:

salam…akak. rin nak tau kat maner ek skolah pastri hotbreads kat pj tu?

Yasmin says:

Mus, yg I tau jual kat Pastrypro in Kepong. You can google their website and call first before going, sebab jauh gak dari KL. thanks.

mus says:

Salam kak min. berminat nak tahu kt mana boleh survey harga mesin tu edible image tu. since my wife x kejer, dia boleh wat jualan cupcake. thanks.

Yasmin says:

salam dik, printer tu would be ratus-ratus and campur accesories mungkin seribu lebih. Yes cheaper to order as needed. Melainkan adik nak buat bisness jual edible image. Tq.

rizqin says:

Salam, kak min…just nak tanya ur opinion, is it cheaper to have own edible image printer atau purchase sekeping2 kat kedai je?
if cheaper buying the printer, kat mana saya nak dapat printer tu ye?thanks

Min says:

Thanks Aishah, nanti boleh la I ajar nak buatnye..

Thanks also Cakelaw. First time I heard from you, r u local ?

Cakelaw says:

Another lovely cake – frangipanis are my favourtie flowers.

aishah says:

cantik la min……..

Min says:

Thanks Rachel, I see you hv beautiful cakes on your site. Good luck to you.

rachel says:

You do beautiful work. I really like the flowers, I am not sure what the real ones look like, but those are pretty.

I am trying to improve my cake decorating skills and will be back to your site to learn new tips.

Min says:

Fabmom, lama tak dengar cerita..mesti masih euphoria dari balik holiday ni.

Kak Tun, itu la pasal kena join class saya. Utk kek fondant, ada yg pakai marzipan first layer, 2nd layer fondant. Boleh jugak buat 2 layer fondant. Kalau selapis je kak, kek nye tak cantik, masih nampak bersegi dan permukaannya tak licin..

boxhousestudio says:

2 layers of fondant?..emm..err…leh explain…he he

yang pasti kek min ni memikat..dengan pearl merah berkilat tu…dengan kuak ropol tu ..riben tu..dengan bunga kemboja..sedap mata memandang

fabmom says:

absolutely beautiful! u r so good in this.

Min says:

Thanks Zara, haven’t heard from you for quite some time. You must be busy..

Zai, bunga from gum paste, small pearls tu from fondant. Tak guna royal icing. Thanks , love reading your comments.

zaitgha says:

i like …i like….btw the small pearls tuh fondant or royal icing?…i love the colors combination… have a flair for this kind of thing, thanks for sharing

Zara Miravent says:

It looks beautiful Jasmin! Lovely flowers!