Sunflower cake

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I wanted to try using the sunflower plunger I bought recently and thought of just making 3 sunflowers to put on a cake. One thing led to another and I end up making a whole basket of flowers ! Anyway, here are some pictures I took while making this cake today.

This is the sun flower mould that I wanted to try :



Leaving them to dry.


Making the basket weave pattern with that roller thingy :


I used a dummy cake for this, with just one layer of fondant. Crimped the base and top part.

Basket is ready.


Now to make the piece of cloth, to put on the basket. I arranged some tiny cut out flowers and roll them to incorporate it into the base white fondant. No need to put so many flowers like me, the whole thing is going to be covered with flowers anyway.


After this is done, I arranged my sun flowers and leaves. This is when I realized that there were too little flowers. By then, I was already tired, further more the electricity went off a few times due to the heavy rain and I was decorating in the dark. I took the short cut way and used the ivy cutters to add more deco. After much propping and concealing, this is the final result :) :



I guess I’m the first person to combine sun flowers and ivy :lol: . Maybe a better cake next time.


AMA says:

Hey great looking cakes! Congratulations

norrizan ramudin says:

Dear min,

My friend has collected the book from you.Its fantastics work.All the photos are very clear and techniques instructions are easy to follow.I believed this is the first book publish in bahasa malaysia.Thanks min for the signature.I really appreciated it.

Warm regards

Your work is perfectly wonderful.. i love it.. Nice Job

Min says:

Ida, tu beli kat pastrypro. Thanks.

ida isk says:

Salam min, nak tanya kat mana u beli roller untuk basketwave tu ya..hehee geram tengok dah gie wilton pj tak ada pun….

Cakelaw says:

Gorgeous cake – it makes me happy just looking at it.

zaitgha says:

a ah….and today i send again ….tanya if u deliver to sban and your phone no. coz i might be in KL esok

Min says:

Zai, I think so too.. but then it is tiring to colour a big piece of fondant and uses a lot of gel colour too. Anyway your email, is it regarding the fondant recipe ? I hv replied yesterday, the recipe is under ‘sugarpaste’ category. (menyampah aku email Yahoo ni selalu tak stable ).

zaitgha says:


to my un-trained eyes, the flowers would look more outstanding if the basket color was darker…..but then again if its looked too real org tak nak makan pulak kot he he

p/s. i have send an email to you, thanks

Min says:

Hi Val, si Jaafar Onn rupanya jadi DJ sekarang. Tapi dia pandai masak tau, aku ada majalah resepi dia, dah try buat, sedap. Anyway, keluar topik la kita ni. Thanks and nice to hear frm you..

val says:

min u memang hebat!!!! the brown basket look so reallll!!!!! min u tau ke si jaafar onn?dia memang minat benda-benda sunflower ni kan (aku nampak rumah nya dlm majalah mangga dulu).if si akak jaafar onn tu nampak blog sunflower u niconfirm dia akan contact u o!

Min says:

Yozora, yes I only use Wilton gel colours for fondant. Nanti I show you ok.

Mamafami, gelek je la pakai roll semprittt tu, jadi gak kut. Masalahnya sy ni selalu tak boleh tahan kalau tengok benda-benda pelik ni, mesti nak beli. Pokai !

Nani, tq. Ntah la, akak pun boring gak memang brg over the sea ni mahal kan. Nanti la akak buka kilang buat brand sendiri. hihihi..

Hey theAdams, I’m already offering the fondant for sale. But then too heavy la to post to you. When r u coming home ?

theadams says:

Oh royal icing! Thanks for the infos!
Anyway i hope by the time i get home u already have your fondant for sale…. ;)

nani says:

kak Min…

memang cantik basket bunga matahari tu…

Bila agaknya ada orang nak buat acuan untuk fondant2 ni ye…I mean made in Malaysia. So tak lah mahal sanagt. Barang2 wilton ni mamang bagus tapi mahalnya.

any way…cantik kak..suka sangat.

MamaFaMi says:

Mahal juga gadgetsnya ye… untuk mama yang hanya buat benda ni setakat suka-suka aje, rasanya not worth it to buy kan. Kena modify la sendiri apa benda yang ada kat dalam almari tu… Mama ni tak pandai sangat buat macam Min buat ni… belajar pun takat tengok kat internet je.. just for fun…

oh min.. i simply love the colors of all your flowers and decorations. they are very bright and so lifelike. are they all colors from Wilton?

Min says:

Hi Shilme, the brown thing is made with royal icing. Another way to get realistic looking florets is to glue some semolina flour to the centre, then colour it with powdered colour.

Chocolate, thanks for visiting !

Chocolate says:

Wow amazing what you can do

theadams says:

Hi Min,
That’s cute! Just wondering what did u used for the florets, the brown thingy, is that fandant as well?