Fondant cake with simple roses

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Making gum paste roses can be time-consuming, sometimes I just make do with these simple fondant roses. My maid cum assistant is really good at this, here’s her in action.

First, roll a long strip, then start twirling it around till you get the size you want. Leave some space in between the layers and furl the edges. Pinch the excess fondant at the bottom. It’s done. Fast and easy.

rose11.JPG rose21.JPG rose31.JPG

I practice decorating a cake with these fondant roses today.



Yes, those are not real butterflies, I pinch it off my daughter’s jewelry box. By the time I finished decorating this cake, I was too tired to create a center piece. Step by step process on making this cake :

  1. One layer of marzipan
  2. Followed by a layer of fondant
  3. Cut out a smaller circle in the centre until I can see the marzipan layer.
  4. Put in the purple fondant layer. Crimp the sides and inside of the circle.
  5. Then I coloured the background where the flowers will be placed, using my gel colouring and brush (felt like a true artist for a while :) ).
  6. Arrange the cut out leaves, and roses.
  7. Colour the leaves with gel colouring.
  8. Make the bottom edging.
  9. Brush the flowers, crimp edges and bottom edging with diluted pearl dust.

It’s better to colour using paste or powdered colouring, but I don’t have any.

Hope this gives you some idea on how to decorate your cake. The round circle can be replaced with pastillage which becomes very hard, and you can also do some painting on it. Or you could put a small edible image instead, lots of things you can come out with..

Ok, take care and have a good weekend ahead.


edazman says:

salam kak min, lama betul eda tak jenguk blog akak ni….
semakin jauh akak g ngajar….tak nak datang ngajar kat seremban ke?…ramai org nak bljr kak…

gaienne says:

that’s a really pretty cake..i’ll give you props for a job well done..^^

Min says:

Thanks.. still learning and practicing. Got a long way to go. Thanks so much for dropping by.

Val.. where hv u been ? Must be busy..memang la kek mcm ni utk demo je..sayang nak potong.

val says:

min punya sayang mau potong the kek kan

Cakelaw says:

What a gorgeous cake Min! You make it look so effortless.