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Hi everybody,

I have one cute chicken pot holder which I bought from Bandung, Indonesia to give away. This pot holder will be mailed to the winner of “The cutest 3D fun character fondant cake”. ( Just to have some fun). All my visitors can participate, either from Malaysia or international. The picture of the cake must be in your blog and your own creation. All you have to do is leave a comment and the link to the cake picture. Contest ends on 15th June, 2008. I will shortlist 3 final contestants and let the readers decide who is the winner. The fun character could be animals or any cartoon figures, not the formal wedding cake type ya.

This is a good chance to let others know about your blog and make more friends.. so do leave your comments and link below. Thanks all.


Nadi says:


i would love to join your little competition!
please comment… and critic my cakes…hehe
i love your blog! so nice of you to share..


herda says:

Kak min..lanjutkn le tarikh tu..herda teringin gak nk ank2 ku yg amat aktif ni memakan mase yg lame gak le..hehehe…leh x kak min..takpun..tmbh hadiah lg kelas ke..hehehe..joke kak min…

Min says:

Mama Anis, ala ni saje suka-suka. Tengok la, mana ada contestant pun ! Nampaknya pemenang nya ialah Wiz and HandsfullofFlour … hehe

mama anis says:

ala kak Min, Mama ANis xde can le nk dpt present tu sbb Mama Anis xreti bt kek..uwaaaaaaaaaaa….nak jgk2x….hehe

wiz says:

Min, I dont feel that way Min. It’s not a question who is superior than the other la. I do things without any handbooks or guidelines. Every creation is new to me and that’s why I will make a lousy teacher at this, since I dont adopt any formal ways. Trust me I struggle like crazy everytime and I dont take many orders since I know how slow I can be. Takes me the whole day to siapkan one cake. It’s been hard and the only reason for this preserverence is, I need the money. That’s all.

You are doing great and I honestly love reading your notes on cake making. I’m bad at documenting. SO keep on doing what you are doing and from what I can see you’ve got a huge fan base. Isn’t that wonderful?

Min says:

Jangan merendah diri ok Wiz.. I am so much behind you, you know that. Actually gambar kek tu kecik sgt, that’s why la tak clear muka dia tu.. very pretty cake. I love all your creations especially your barbie doll cakes.

wiz says:

I am not a pro la Min, unlike you! Bukan pakai Mask, but The father is taking a rest with his cap covering his face and cheeky kids looking over his shoulders. Cap tu has a Capital B written on it to show that he is still the Boss in the house.

Min says:

Alamak, Wiz masuk ni mesti tough competition. Hihihi… I’ve seen those cakes on your blog, yg retirement tu kan Wiz, muka dia mcm pakai mask ke ? I dok belek jugak the 1st time I saw it.

wiz says:

Hi Min, just for the fun of things, I too would like to participate. I have never participated in any contests and have never won any prizes before. So, am not expecting to win this one. I did this for a little girl who loves elephants. They are toppers on cupcakes. I did a fondant cake recently and I want to include that too. It was an early retirement cake which was composed to have all his past, his present and also his future.
Just choose mana yang you feel nice k.


Min says:

Hai Nunung, busy busy busy.. tak pe la, saja suka-suka buat contest ni.

Intan, akak dah reply semalam and again today. Your place is confirm on the 30th May ye. Thanks.

Hi floury, I’ve seen the cake, cute.. thanks for being the 1st to participate. Glad that you drop by.

Hi :) I love your blog… here’s something that I did about 2 months back. I’ve just started a blog to put in the pics of cakes that I’ve done for my friends and family.

The figurines were supposed to be bunnies… but they look a little like teddy bears hehe

Intan says:

Kak Min, cutenya!
Btw, i emailed u twice ystday to enquire abt ur fondant 30th May class.Still no reply…Very interested to join.

nunung @bundazasha says:

interesting challenge, kak min. if only i can participate the contest. But so many duties I must be finished this month, hu….hu…hu..