Featured in Aroma magazine

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Last month I was contacted by the editor of Aroma magazine, Cik Siti, requesting for some material to be featured in their November 2011 issue.  After further discussion, we agreed on a tutorial on how to make a simple fondant handbag cake.

The cake was made from two stacked butter cakes.  You can find the recipes for the moist buttercake and fondant in the Aroma magazine, on page 58.   Below is the cover of the magazine.  I must say it is quite difficult to get a hold of a copy.  Probably because the magazine is still new.   You may contact the editor at if you are unable to find the magazine at your local store.

Tutorial on making the handbag cake is on the next page, but not all of the steps are shown, due to space constraint.  (If you do want to learn this skill,  join my fondant handbag cake deco class).

Many thanks to the magazine ( Siti, Ejam and 2 more ladies)  and hopefully we can work together again in the future.   Semoga majalah Aroma akan terus berkembang dan diminati ramai di masa akan datang.  Amin.


Hi Leonie, thank you for the invitation.. sure will contact you if ever I’m there. For the lettering, I think i bought them thru ebay. Try google “Brigette-Keks Letter Message Cookie Press”. Cheers.

Leonie says:

Hello Yasmin, I have been enjoying your blog emails for sometime now. I live in Queensland in Australia. If you are ever in Brisbane please contact me and I will invite you along to numerous cake decorating gatherings that we hold all over the city – you may enjoy them and we all care and share our thoughts and skills in cake decorating. I have 1 question – where can I buy the small letters (like the ‘Aroma’ you have printed into the handbag? I have seen them several times used but am not able to get them in Australia. No one imports them – please give me a website that I can purchase from. I would be grateful, with thanks.

Yasmin says:

Wkmsalam Saliza, tkasih, alhamdulillah sedikit kepandaian yg ada kita kongsi bersama, moga2 berguna lebih2 lagi utk yg nak mencuba mencari rezeki dlm bidang ni. Tkasih Saliza singgah blog ni.

saliza abu hassan says:

salam. Min. u memang baik hati.syukur kerana dengan ilmu yang u ada u kongsi bersama.pahala kat u. syukur masih ada umat islam yang sucu hati mcm u. tahniah.