Bakingproject.com is featured !

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I just stumbled into this last night, I was browsing through the AllMalaysian bloggers project. I was wondering why my cake photo was displayed there. Apparently it was chosen as the ‘featured blog’. Quite an honour actually for a newbie like me, whose archive only contains 3 months post. Thank you so much to the editor of AllMalaysia.info.


I’ve also received one recent trackback which is worth mentioning (not spam !). It’s from Bakingdelights.com for b5media.

When starting this blog I was quite hesitant and keep asking myself, what should I write everyday, do I have any stories at all to write ? However, now I’m really pleased that I did created this blog (on my own, without any IT knowledge at all). It is fun sharing and giving, and reading your comments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


azmira says:

hai kak min…

i love your blog..i didn’t know that you have online shop too..i used to buy my stuff online either thru ebay @ cakestuff…

lots of info….i only manage to do my own blog recently…

Min says:

Dear Tonga, eh kau pegi mana la, so long never hear from you ? I guess Ahmootha told you already, we had so much fun decorating the cuppies. Eh, come over la to my house. Catch up on old times. You and JM ok. Thanks for visiting. Ahmootha never leave a comment !

Min says:

Thanks for visiting Orchid. (how do u say TQ in Korean ?)

Orchid says:

hello Yasmin,

This is the first time i am visiting your blog. Saw the link on AMBP.

I must say it’s a very nice blog and your baking projects looks so good!!!

thilaga says:

hi yasmin
its thilaga,an old friend from Sitiawan,im amazed withe your work,congrats..

Love Always

zaitgha says:

good for you…..i learn a lot from here too

Min says:

Thanks dear friends..

Wiz, dah sihat ke ? Hope you’re ok.

wiz says:

wayda go Min! I’m super duper happy for you! You are very rajin in documenting everything, my hats off to you babe! Keep it going alright.

fabmom says:

congrats Min! Ofcourse u r featured.u r good!!

congratulations min..your blog greatly deserved to be featured…*clap clap*

Min says:

Thanks Val & Intah. Alah.. ciput je.

Sal, si Zul ni heboh la..segan la. Dia nak show off gambar dia tangkap la tu.. akak tau Sal suka photography kan, selalu nampak bawak kamera besar tu.. anyway, thank you singgah sini !

intan says:

Congrates K.Min :D

salina says:

hi kak min, cik zul bgtau berita best ni pg td. hehe. cupcakes akak detail betul. keep on blogging. and congrats!

to cik zul: first gamba cupcakes yg ada bees tu lighting cantek! side lighting tuuu!

val says:

uiii min, tahniah tahniah tahniah