Handbag cake

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Just a quick update on the latest cake I did. An order received from Cik Hafizah, thank you dik. Hope you like the cake, that’ the best I could do.

Handbag cake

A word of caution though, when making this type of cake. I’ve tried making a tv set before (for the TV3 contest) and I used store-bought fondant. It was a disaster because the fondant was too soft. The tv set was standing and the fondant was literally crumbling down. Got a few ‘wrinkles’ on the side of the tv.

For this handbag cake, I used my own fondant and I noticed the same problem, not too severe. (Because my homemade fondant is not as soft as the store-bought ones.) You will still face the problem or the fear that the fondant will start to tear down (especially at the back of the bag). I guess any cake with this kind of structure will be affected. Just ensure that the fondant is glued to the cake entirely and the texture of the fondant is not too soft. If you are using store-bough fondants, knead in a little icing sugar.

I have not done many cakes in the form of a bag, the closest was this luggage bag. The step-by-step on how to make this luggage bag is in my book “Kraf Gula”. You can find the book in MPH, Popular or just order from me.

Yup, this is the bag that I faithfully carry with me on my long journeys for years.


Have to go get ready for more Open House today. Have a great weekend everyone !


Diana says:

Can you show how you did the hangbag cake?

Linda Hussin says:

Salam Kak Min.. Alhamdulillah sihat. Tu la lama tak jmpa kn. Tu la kalu g KL mmg kelam kabut je, tak dan nk singgah2 :( Good luck to you too :)

Linda Hussin says:

Salam Kak Min,

Lawa dh handbeg tu… Suka sgt =D

Yasmin says:

Salam Kak wan, yes I think it’s best to use icing sugar with fondant. Utk gumpaste buat bunga, boleh guna cornflour. Surface sticky could be due to humid weather, mcm musim hujan ke. Just on the fan and biarkan kering. Thanks.

Salam Min,

Cantik nyer bag u…uhmm Channel..
Now I understand why my fondant skin on the cake macam lembik.I knead with corn flour..should do it with icing ekk? n dah siap pun my cake I dust it with corn flour because the surface macam sticky..maybe my kitchen too warm ke?

IMCurtain says:

Salam sejahtera,

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