Apple crumble

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This is one of the easiest dessert to make.   The only boring process to endure is peeling and slicing the apples.  The rest can be done in just a few minutes.   I made this Apple crumble last nite and totally forgot to take a picture before devouring it.  But at least we get to see the Apple filling.   Here’s the recipe for my Apple Crumble.  For a 9 inch pie plate.

For the filling :

4 to 5 medium sized apples – peel, cored and sliced thinly
3 tablespoon of castor sugar, or to taste
1 tablespoon of flour
diced cold butter – to sprinkle, as you like
Raisin – scattered on top, qty as you wish

For the crumble topping :

100 gm plain flour
70 gm brown/ demerara sugar/ castor sugar, or to taste
70 gm cold butter, diced ( I just use a grater)
70 gm ground almond (or oat)
some almond flakes to scatter on top

As you can see, there is no fix weight of ingredients to adhere.  This is really a very simple dish to make, bak kata orang Melayu – main campak2 je..  Ok, to make the filling, just mix the sliced apples with sugar and flour.  Rub some butter on the pie plate.  Then pour the apples into it.  Top with some butter and raisin.  Some add cinnamon into this filling, its up to you.

For the crumble, just rub all the ingredients (except almond flakes) together till it resembles breadcrumbs.  Use your hands or food processor.  You can leave some big pieces of butter in it, it doesn’t matter.   You can also reduce the amount of sugar, just take a pinch and taste and keep adding sugar till you are satisfied with the sweetness.

Scatter the topping over the apples, then top with almond flakes to make it look pretty :) .  Bake at 180C for about 40 minutes, or till the crumble is brown and the fruit filling is bubbling and soft.   Let it rest for 15 minutes (if you can stand it).   Serve with ice-cream, whip-cream, or as my husband like it – just as it is.


Yasmin says:

Thanks for trying.. ya my family love it too. :)

Thanks for sharing this recipe. I just tried it and my kids do love it!