Featured in Good Living magazine

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Yey ! I was lucky to be featured in the Good Living magazine (June/ July 09 issue), together with 2 other girls. Thank you very much to the writer, Syama Ramasamy and everyone at the studio. It was a story about working from home.

And here’s me.. ( I know I should be on diet ! Thank God for the lighting.. )

It was a good experience. Thanks again to Good Living magazine.

By the way, I will be in JB this weekend to teach at Bakewell, Larkin, insyaallah. Further detail at the top of this post. Thank you. 

Kak June says:

Salam Miin.
Vogue gitu Sifu K June nie … Tahniah! Tahniah!
Moga kita sama2 berjaya

Ijan says:

Wow… impressive… TAHNIAH!!! :)

Min says:

thanks again to all my friends and visitors :) . Moga kita semua sama-sama berjaya ye !

ah mat gebu says:

tahniah minnn!!!….u look great!!, ala2 sifu gitu u…tumpang gembira juga….

PG CakeCraft says:

hi Yasmin. congrats on being featured in a magazine. really proud to have known you through our passion in cake decor.

Vienne says:

hi kak min..i am so happy for u..
waaahhh bestnya masuk magazine

yati says:


wah..bangga ngan u..good job, and good promotion for u too…
selamat maju jaya….

uji_amira says:

congrats k min..I wish u all the best in your baking/decorating/teaching career that you love so much…
can work from home and travel all around msia..
got to be featured in magazine somemore.. :)

Shilme says:




wiz says:

Min!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooooooo proud of you MIn!!!!!!!!!

Hunny says:

hye kak Min…
mau beli lah nnt nih…
congrats ya…
& all d best !!

Yas says:

Tahniah Kak Min, Keep up the Good Work.

kuireena says:

Congratulation K.Min!
K.Min kena frame this page nih..hehe.. buat kenang kenangan

Min says:

Hi hi.. thank you all, actually segan nak letak the pic here, but then I thought why not, just for my own record (in case I loose the magazine..) Anyway, thanks for the good wishes.

IntanKhaty says:

“Do something that you’re passionate about, so you don’t feel like it’s a job..” I like this very much…something to inspire me early in the morning…all the best kak min.

fabmom says:

min congrats!!! i’m very happy for u!

beldandy says:

Congrats kak Min.
Org yg tak kedekut ilmu murah rezeki…

zaitgha says:


Linda says:

Congrats Kak Min =D