Ben 10 bursting-out of the cake

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Thank you Cik Roslyeen for the order. Ben 10 cake

Ok, I know you will have a good laugh looking at my Ben 10 cake.  ‘He’ is looking like a ‘she’  trying to preach something, and not looking scary at all..  I don’t know why, my Ben 10 always ends up looking like a girl. And this chick is super cute coz I cheated, used a mould for the face instead of free-hand.

Anyway,  I do hope Ben 10 (yg bersopan-santun ni) looks like he’s bursting out of the cake. Here’s a quick tutorial on how I did it.  First, attach the body to the center of the cake.


Then simply make a few triangles, the same colour as the cake.  Take note that for the triangles to stand, you need to mix the fondant with some gumpaste, or add some gum to your fondant to make it slightly harder.


Brush the bottom of the triangle with some water, and attach arround the figurine.


Then try to smooth the joints so it is not too noticeable.

That’s it, simple, really. If you have any other methods to create this ‘bursting-out-of-the-cake’ effect, please do share with us.  Cheers.


Yasmin says:

I am not taking orders anymore now, just teaching. TQ

Yasmin says:

Siti, edible image Ben 10 ada jual byk kat kedai jual barang bakeri. Yg ni akak beli kat kedai tepi rumah je kat area Desa Pandan.

siti z says:

kak min, image kat kek tu, edible image kan? nk beli kat mana ek?
sy blum ada kesempatan lagi nk join class deco kak min..