Figure modelling

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Spent a few hours just now trying to improve my modelling skills.. I wish the results could be better. It is actually difficult making a human. The cartoon, fun character type is simple. But to make a human figure which actually resembles the real human body is a challenge.

So, here goes, the sexy lady from a few angles :

Yup, those are definitely fake .. (Eat your heart out, Dolly Parton ! )

Moving on to the next topic, I will be in Kota Kinabalu end of this month to conduct a class there… can’t wait to see my old friends and jalan-jalan cari makan. School holiday is starting next week, so a little bit of rest for me. Take care everyone.


farisha says:

just wondering how do you get the skin colour ?
what colour should i use ?

Julia at Cake Decorating Ideas says:

You said that making humans is hard, but you certainly did an excellent job! This is far better than I could. Keep up the good work : )

MamaFaMi says:

MasyaAllah, cantiknya figurine yang Min buat… very talented and you have such an artistic pair of hands. Syukur atas kebolehan yang telah dianugerahkan….

Min says:

Hai frens.. the colour on the body is actually gel colour, diluted with some water… I was supposed to let it dry dulu, tapi tak sabar nak snap gambar. Itu le ngope nye..

Kak Kam, tq c u soon. PG CakeCraft, I will be in Penang again somewhere in May 09. Will announce the date soon. Tunggu !!

PG CakeCraft says:

Hi Yasmin. i’m sure you must be having a great time in K.K. so, when are you coming to Penang to jalan2 cari makan & not forgetting to conduct your next class.

Kak Kam says:

Hai Min, I wish I could do that, sangat cantik dan ada kelainan. See you in Kota Kinabalu.

aishah says:

seksi…seksi & seksa nak buat..hihi
Min, cam mana badan boleh berkilat tu..P

aimi says:

wah…tgk pun tau mencabar…saya ni figurine kartun pun blm tentu blh buat..nikan pula org.. hehehe…

Wow!! Great effort especially the upper torso part..hehehe..

beldandy says:

Not bad kak min. Kaler apa guna untuk badan tu kak?

Joanne says:

That came out great! I gave up trying to work with gum paste. Guess it takes time. I was trying simple things like fruits, but they came out horrible.