Figure making

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Tried my hand in making figures again today.. I still think I have a lot to improve. I made a man figure sleeping on his belly. The first step, assemble all the body parts :

I have shaped the hand and legs before gluing the parts together with some water. For the head, you may refer to my earlier post on making a baby. Now for the clothing. Drape a square piece of fondant over the buttock. Wrap around the body.


Then make a slit in the middle of the fondant, join the parts to make a short pant.

With the modelling tool, press to make the curve for his back. Do the same for the soles of his feet.

Flatten a round black fondant and glue it to the head for the hair. I cheated to make the eyes. I just dip the end of a small straw in black gel colour and press to make the sleeping eyes shape.

Hmm..what do I think of this guy ? Well, the butt really looks good 8-O . Muscular. The neck should have been a little bit higher.

I don’t know, I leave it to you guys to judge. Nite nite everyone.


cuppycupcake says:

wahh..u’ve joined d pme course.!!hmm…what do u think?best x?wat i mean is byk x ilmu dpt? kelvin is one of the best instructor.

Min says:

salam Iza, akak dah betulkan,, tak tau la kenapa jadi mcm ni. Hari tu ada pulak gambar XXX rated kat sini, ada org hack akak nye blog ni.. harap tak de lagi lah lepas ni. Terima kasih highlight.

iza says:

kak min, nape nampak bercampur dgn gambar roses?

Min says:

Hi Kuireena, thanks for your comment, will try to improve next time :) .

Eris, fondant and sugarpaste is the same thing. I bought the gum trag at Eazy Bake, ada in the rack in the middle of the shop. I asked the staff the same thing, I dont think they are well versed with what they are selling.. this shop was recommended by one of my reader. Yes, you should deco your cupcakes with fondant, in the market they are selling in blue packet called Pettinice.

Eris says:

need to ask…coz i already make myself confused. what is the diff between fondant and sugar paste?i’ve went to the shop you mention in your blog (Eazy Bake) to get gum tragacanth, but i’ve been inform by their staff that they never heard bout it?!if i want to do deco on cupcakes, if use fondant, is it possible?thanks…pls email to me…..

kuireena says:

Perkynya! hahaha..
Btw, it’s almost perfect, tapi pada pandangan mata amaturku ini, nampak mcm the arms mcm terbesar sikit from the calf (he overtrained the upper body part kut? hehe). Anyways, he still looks really ‘yummy’… to eat la..

Min says:

Alamak, looks like this entry is causing too much controversy !! (and rated 18SX) Sorry on my part, didn’t intend it to be that way.. but thank you friends, so funny reading all your comments :) .

Aishah, I use 50:50 sugarpaste and gumpaste ratio. You can also try the Modelling paste recipe which I posted under ‘sugarpaste’ category. Next time I must remember not to make a hunk !

ida isk says:

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sungguh mengoda tu , cik abg tengah lepak gan bontotnya yg seksi tu…anyway thaks min sharing your skill ..semuga allah terus memberkati jasa mu dan diberikan kesihatan yang berpanganjangan dan dimurahkan rezeki….

emil@mamamia says:

kak min…wat a butt man…you’re the most excellent artist..handmade artist…to be more specific…you are superb in creating human figure…butt no one can challenge you la..kak min..hehehe

ah mat gebu says:

haiyoo…min…ahakss…ini betul2 “jantan”..caya lahhh…specially the “montot”…soo firm and bubble butt!!!…amponnn ter 18 sx!!!!….

wiz says:

You got the tush right. He’s a hunk!

Shyieda says:

Hey Min, I really admire your creativity. Hope I as good as you, but I can’t be like you. Good job!

Sue (Susan) says:

Hi Min…the butt is very solid oh haha

val says:

minnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, bontot?

fabmom says:

huhu..incredible hulk ! n what a round ‘behind’! hihii…

rina says:

waduhh..bila la turn aku boleh wat cam ni..

Jen says:

Ahhhh…nice! =)

aishah says:

u guna fondant + gumpaste? nampak cantik skin dia…sexy plak tu..hihi

wawawooom… what a hunk :). your creations are really taking a life of their own.. so real. do more Min.. I can’t wait to see them

zaitgha says:

what a hunk the guy is he he…..lucky he sleeps on his belly ha ha ha

dita says:

ayayayyyy….he’s so sexy!!! :D trampil sekali, Min.

amy klang says:

kak min…amy dah email dah gambar contoh cuppies atas cup cake yang kalau tak kisah nak suruh tunjuk cam ner nak buat!!hehehe

Sue Sue says:

That guy is sure to have a sexy butt. ;)

theadams says:

Hahahaha…. Min, tempting enough, especially with that good sexy ‘asset’! Jgn marah!

Intan hazlin says:

Kak Min, figurine Kak Min ni sexy la!

Kalau rambut blonde dah rupa Brad Pitt! hehe!