Modelling paste & gum paste recipes

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If you can find gum tragacanth (berbelit lidah..) you can use this recipe to make your modelling paste. Suitable to make all 3D figures.

280g icing sugar

3 teaspoon gum trag

1 teaspoon liquid glucose

6 teaspoon water

315 g ready fondant/sugarpaste (refer to my earlier post for the recipe)


Sift icing sugar and gum trag. Add glucose & water. Mix. Knead until you get a dough consistency. Lastly mix together with the ready fondant. If the final dough is too dry, you may add some shortening.

You can use cornflour to dust your surface top.


I personally have not tried making the above recipe.. I’ve been searching everywhere for the gum trag but can’t find any..if I ever find it I suspect it will be very expensive. However, modelling paste is excellent as it is more pliable, dries faster and harder compared to using fondant (added with Gum-tex).

Speaking of gum-tex, I bought a can a few weeks ago..


Gum-tex is made from karaya (maybe slightly cheaper than gum trag). One can of about 170gm cost me RM30.00. Hope you can see the recipe on how to make gum paste below :


I’ve been wanting to make this recipe but got no time yet.. coming soon. I guess you can use this gum paste mix to make your flowers, as well as all the 3D figures. It should be better than using fondant which turns all soft in our weather. Fondant is perfect for covering cakes but to make figures, not recommended. You have to add gum tragacanth or gum-tex to it.

Hope the info is useful..and for those sugarcraft experts out there, any other tips?


Yasmin says:

wilton gum tex ada di jual di KL, google ICCA. boleh beli online. Atau pastrypro. Tq Mei.

Mei says:

hi, boleh kak kasih website overseas yg mana satu kak beli tu wilton gum tex? thx

Yasmin says:

Lina, memang buat bunga dgn gumpaste. Probably when you put the flower atas ganache tu, dia menyerap the moist and jadi lembik. If guna bunga yg rm5 jual kat kedai tu, it is basically made from corn flour .. not entirely made using recipe gumpaste yg ada gum trag. So mmg keras and rasanye lebih sesuai utk letak atas ganache, bc. Tq.

lina says:

salam kak min,

nak tanya, sy ada buat flowers using gumpaste, when the flowers btl2 keras sy pun ltk ats kek (topping ganache) but after 1hour, bunga tu jd lembik. was it because i used gumpaste instead of fondant? or because of the topping?

Yasmin says:

Hi Kelvin, yes you can. Try adding 1 teaspoon of gum trag to 250 gm of fondant. Add more if you want it to be firmer.

Freddy, boleh beli di Bake with Yen, chowkit, KL. Cheers.

Freddy says:

salam kak yasmin..

nak tanya…di mana boleh saya dapatkan tylose powder yang berdekatan dengan kuala lumpur??huhuhuhu…..susah nak cari…btw..thanks kak

mr. kelvin edge says:

hi there,
can i add gum trag to roll on icing and if so how much will i need.
many thanx kel

Vimala says:

Hi Yasmin, I’m new to world of fondant…want to try out. I missed your earlier post on fondant recipe…would u be kind enough to share it. TQ

Janet K says:

Hello Kak Yasmin,
I have 2 questions here
1. Kalau nak buat gumpaste, can I use my hand to dough instead of using mixer?
2. What is the difference between sugarpaste and gumpaste? are they the same?

Yasmin says:

Wkumslm Haz, flower paste is basically gumpaste use to make flowers. Modelling paste can be made in several ways, for me I use half half of fondant and gumpaste. The two are different. :)

Haz says:

Salam Yasmin,
I was wondering if there is any difference between the flower paste and modelling paste? I noticed both recipes you’ve given are a little bit different. But is the end product the same? Appreciate it if you could point out the difference. Thanks a lot!

Ann says:

Mind telling us which online site u but ur stuff from de UK?

gary le demon says:

Dear Yasmin or anyone of you in KL..

Where can i get this Gum-Tex.. would love to make my own Sugar Gum Paste.. else anyone of you know where to get pre-made sugar gum paste block?

Yasmin says:

thanks susie for the info. Will look out for the shop when I’m in Penang.

Thanks Shikin beli buku akak. Nanti akak jenguk blog adik.

Susie says:

If you’re ever in Penang, there is a store in Canarvon Street called Sims.
You can find your gum Trag here plus lots of stuff you can’t buy in Singapore like poppyseeds… Inexpensive too.

If you need my help to buy the gum let me know. Boleh minta bapa bawah bila dia melawat.

shikin says:

Salam kak..dah dapat dah buku sugar craft u..and i really love that book…and banyak i belajar dari buku tu….buku tu dah jadi fav anak2 i pulak… :). Sudi kiranya jenguk blog…hope to dapat some comments on my fondant figurine work..

janice says:

Hi, beautee, thanks for the info.

janice, i only know this 1 shop in bangi, YUMMIES. near to old town kopitiam bangi.

janice says:

Hi, wld appreciate if you could let me know where I can get gum tragacanth in Kuala Lumpur. I like to make 3-D figures but unable to get hold of this item. thanks.
My email is:

Min says:

Hi Liz, wow mesti terror buat bunga ye.. well, love to hear from you. U hv a website ?

liz says:

i hv read about the gum tex product .i usually use cmc but yes it ‘s very expensive. but for cheaper product then cmc pls use gum tragaxanth.hope to chat more about this bcourse i doing my sugar flowers order also…..

susiek says:

S8 x rm$2.38 = rm$19.04…. malaysia mahal la, Singapore murah la. Msia jual $30 mahal bangat ni

susiek says:

Singapore ..di Phoon Huat jual around S$8 , 170grm or 6 oz.

Tamara says:

Can some one please give me receipi to make flower paste with the available ingrediants in Qatar(Middle East).Trag is not avialable here.



Mathi says:

Kak Min,

Website mana Kak Min beli online dari UK. Boleh beritau ke?

Min says:

dik, things kat situ is overpriced I think. That’s why I just buy online je straight from UK, campur postage is still cheaper. :)

shell says:

That Wilton Gum-Tex is RM30.00? Hmm…..ICCA sells it at RM36.40 online. Anyway, I was taken aback to find out we also have to add 5% tax to the price as well. Pretty costly there.

su says:

dear,is there a different between sugar paste n gum paste?

Min says:

Sorry Bivi, I am not familiar in using CMC. But I read somewhere, the combination is 2 teaspoon of CMC to add to 500 gm fondant. Thanks.

bivi says:

Please I need to know how much CMC need to mix with fondat to do 3d bears.

Min says:

Thanks Chou for the info. We have to check the label when buying.

Chou says:

I’m doing my MS project on gum paste, and when I called a US supplier to request a sample they said that due to the instability in the middle east availability was extremely limited. CMC, as long as it is food grade, is just fine to eat.

Min says:

Hi Kitkats, tylose powder or cmc as I know it, is used the same way as gum tragacanth or gumtex, to be mixed into your fondant, so that it is more pliable and dries faster and becomes hard. Once it is hard, I don’t think it is suitable to be eaten. For candy, I’m not sure how. I don’t use any tylose powder coz it’s too expensive here, so I can’t suggest a good brand. But if you search the net, you can find more info on where to get it. Thank you.

kitkats says:

hello im kikat i will be glad if you can help it safe to use tylose powder in making gumpaste? is it safe to eat the candy after.i bought tylose powder in sweetcraft last week.and i doubt to use it because its no brand name.can you suggest me a brand of tylose powder.that safe for my sugar paste candy…thank you

Min says:

Hi Betty, I finally found the gum trag but it is too expensive here in Malaysia. For now, I’m using Wilton gum paste mix for my flowers, which I think is ok. Yes, I do notice that I have to keep on adding more icing sugar because of the weather here. Do you have a website, would love to see your work. Thanks for the advice.

BettyW says:

Gum trag is much, much better, but if your climate is too humid just like mine in Houston, Tx then you can add a little more powdered sugar to stiffen it up. I have also added fondant and gumpaste together for special projects. Love your website, keep it up.