1st birthday giveaway

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Yes ! Baking Project will turn 1 this 10th Feb, 09. Time really flies. I remember me quitting my job and wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, and starting a blog. I didn’t know how to create one, so I bought this manual on how to start a blog. So glad that I finally manage to set up the design and then composing my first entry.. I think it was a recipe on Lemon cream cheese frosting :). Anyway, it has been a wonderful journey and I made lots of new friends, some I’ve met personally, and the rest I hope to one day be able to meet.

Let’s get on to the best part. Remember a few months back when I gave the free PME book ? All in all, I got 67 comments trying their luck to get the one book. I promised myself I would give more freebies to my beloved readers. Bearing in mind the tight budget I have, I’ve ordered a few small items from UK for you guys, in conjuction with this blog’s 1st birthday. Here goes :


Terms and condition :

  • Open to all Malaysians only.
  • To enter, simply register and log in.
  • Leave a comment. Don’t forget to include your email address.
  • Do not comment more than once.
  • One person to get one item only (sorry, you can’t choose which one)
  • Closing date to submit your comment is on the 9th Feb, 09.
  • Winners will be chosen at random and the result will be announced on 10th Feb, 09.

Thank you and best of luck to you..



kumari says:

Dear Min,
though I have not met you …yet.. but knowing you through your blog has been a many splendoured thing . Looking at all your mouth watering cakes and designs has been amazing!! however , happy birthday baking project and wishing you many more years of success …congrats

dsalju says:

tahniah…happy birthday kak min baking projek….semoga maju dan terus gemilang….amin

HA WNC says:

p/s:sayang semuanya telah terlambat nak berebut hadiah…..huhu

Ummiputeri says:

salam kak min,

selamat ulang tahun ke 1

semoga Baking Project semakian anggun dan berjaya….amin


roslina says:

Dear Min,

“Happy 1st Birthday” kepada Baking Project & Tahniah atas kejayaan yg dicapai selama ini. I really enjoyed your classess, terima kasih di atas segala ilmu! FYI, saya masih di M’sia, posting saya kena ‘postponed’ pulak..huhuhu..
Semoga maju dan terus maju….

Roslina, Putrajaya

puterianne says:

Hi Min, Salam….
Tak sangka Bakingproject dah mencapai 1 tahun, tahniah!!!. Ini satu pencapaian yang menajubkan.

Puterianne (ani)
email: anihalim@yahoo.com

nielan03 says:


Happy 1st Birthday Baking Project. Congratulations to Kak Min
Email: nielan03@yahoo.com

zarina says:

Congrats Yasmin for reaching this milestone. Luv all ur wonderful cool gadgets for grabs. hope to see u in Penang soon.

zaitgha says:

congratulation and at the same time hope i win something he he….Min email me something for testing….tried mailing u but selalu error….


zlh says:

Hi Kak Min,

Congratulations and all the best …….

Happy 1st Birthday Baking Project

lynn says:

hi, i’ve been ur silent reader since oct last year…still searching for time to join ur class..


JoJo says:

Salam Kakak Yasmin,
Happy 1st Burffday to Baking Project~!
I accicentally found this blog while browsing Googles. Blog ni bukan setakat blog, tapi telah banyak bagi inspirasi kat adik yang masih lagi novice ni. Thank you so much & keep sharing your ideas over the globe~!

mingy says:

Wow. I just started following your blog a couple of months back. Never would I have thought this blog is just one year old had you not written about it.
Your work is exquisite. Congrats to all your projects and projects to come!


my8176 says:

Hi Kak Min,

Juz drop by to wish 2st Happy Birthday :)..really admire ur skills and idea..thanz for teaching me

+Azura: my8176@yahoo.com

zuramail says:

Dear Min,
You did ALL this in just ONE year? I’m soo speechless! Congratulations and all the best to you…

Kak Mai