1st birthday giveaway

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Yes ! Baking Project will turn 1 this 10th Feb, 09. Time really flies. I remember me quitting my job and wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, and starting a blog. I didn’t know how to create one, so I bought this manual on how to start a blog. So glad that I finally manage to set up the design and then composing my first entry.. I think it was a recipe on Lemon cream cheese frosting :). Anyway, it has been a wonderful journey and I made lots of new friends, some I’ve met personally, and the rest I hope to one day be able to meet.

Let’s get on to the best part. Remember a few months back when I gave the free PME book ? All in all, I got 67 comments trying their luck to get the one book. I promised myself I would give more freebies to my beloved readers. Bearing in mind the tight budget I have, I’ve ordered a few small items from UK for you guys, in conjuction with this blog’s 1st birthday. Here goes :


Terms and condition :

  • Open to all Malaysians only.
  • To enter, simply register and log in.
  • Leave a comment. Don’t forget to include your email address.
  • Do not comment more than once.
  • One person to get one item only (sorry, you can’t choose which one)
  • Closing date to submit your comment is on the 9th Feb, 09.
  • Winners will be chosen at random and the result will be announced on 10th Feb, 09.

Thank you and best of luck to you..



herdajohan says:

Salam kak min..happy birthday to Baking Project!!! waaa..another freebies..dulu herda x dapat nk buat contest fondant character cake tu..now another freebies lagi..anyway..PME product tu mcm familiar..sbb area herda ni ade jual PME product..then thanks a lot sbb kak min nyee blog beri inspirasi pd sume home made bakers especially making fondant!! Good Luck to you!! and have a nice FONDANT day!!!! hehehe..


amsorr says:

salam kak min…really2 adored ur skills on cake…thnx 4 sharing da ideas n it’s really worth 4 a beginner like me…hope u can share more ideas n skills in deco cakes…enjoy 1st birthday…may allah bless u always…

v(^*^)v….counting days to be 1 year too…august ’09…lambat lagi..hehehe

ima says:

Happy Birthday to Baking Project!

Love your blogs, beautiful cakes & cupcakes…Hope I would be able to bake and decorate like you do. Looking forward for your baking class…

Thanks for sharing. Best of luck!


asimah says:

Happy 1st birthday Baking Project and for Kak Min! Its worth quitting job and be a at home mother and yet still productive contributing something to the society. Your site is really inspired me to be a homebase baker as to be an eye opener and an alternative for halal cakery and bakery product for the society. wish you good luck and may one day we will meet in a cake deco class around Muar…”

swmi says:

Happy Ist Birthday Baking Project. I really admire you for your creations and the also the fact that your blog is always updated. I wish I was able to do that. I am really very inspired by your blog. Keep up the good work and may all your baking adventures be truly thrilling. Bye for now.

esueishak says:

Happy 1st birthday Baking Project! Your site is a very inspirational site. I’m a techy person suddenly fell in love with baking & decorating. But I’m still a novice,need lots to learn from en expert like you,Kak Min!
I will support you all the way. I wish I could meet you personally but a mom of 4 young children like me can’t travel far. That is why your website is a wonderful to share and learn. May Allah blessed you. In JB here, I can’t find the wonderful utensils & tools to decorate beautiful sugarcraft decorations.
So, I have to use whatever I could find to make sugarcraft more than just a craft. Wish you all the best & may you will be success.

Thank you

ctpizza says:

happy birthday….semoga blog kak min akan sentiasa ceria dan byk info2 menarik….

choongyuen says:

hello yasmin…your blog really inspired me, thanks for all the tutorials

vichelle says:

hi, happy birthday ya, bakingproject!
I love your site. Inspiring and interesting!
my address is vichellewoon@gmail.com

izlin says:

Glad to know about K.Min & Baking Project. I love to surf your blog – very inspiring, informative & up-to-date.
Became your student gave me such a wonderful learning experience.
I wish K.Min & Baking Project to success & be a great tutor in this field 4eva….
Happy 1st Birthday!
Cheers ~ Izlin

ujiamira says:

Hi k min,

Congrats. I hope I can win one of those. Tapi x dapat pun x apa.
Kalau adik saya x dapat hantar saya gi Cheras, saya order je ye. Saya nak fondant dan gum paste.
Boleh bagi tips tak macam mana x nak bagi fondant hiasan (huruf, bunga kecil, etc) yg diletak di atas buttercream cair? kene campur sikit dgn gula icing or gum paste ? Saya pakai fondant Pettinice, campur dgn gula icing dan corn starch. Keras, tapi bila letak atas buttercream mesti cair.

anna says:

Salam Kak Min,

Congratulations on our 1st Birthday. It reminds me that I’m going to celebrate my blog 1st year somewhere in July this year.

Eventhough we’ve never met but I really adore all your creativity and passions that being reflected to all your creations.

Keep up all the good effort and keep inspiring all the cake makers.


P/s: Btw, Kak Min, still tak decide whether nak collect the gumpaste or need to ask you to post it to me. Will update later. Tq.

sabrina says:

Happy birthday to BakingProject! Happy 1st Anniversary!!!Though you are still young but your services are superb!! Your web is very rich in info, tje deeper you surf the deeper knowledge I gain. Keep on Going!!

Well…I want to be in your top list of sellection!!!
Love to see all the freebies.
Hope I’m the lucky commentar!!

zanaz13 says:

Accidently found your blog while browsing the google. I’m very lucky to be one of the member. I love baking but had no chance lately with my 5 children and also working mum. So jealous to browse other’s blog with their fancy colour of cup cakes/cakes. I plan to try your cup cakes recipe this weekend for my kids’ birthday (10 & 3 yo).

Lastly Happy 1st Anniversary and hope one day will attend your class. Keep up the good effort.

boxhousestudio says:

ya habibi…cik ida merpati….meriah sekali….kalu camtu bila min nak buat khenduri ni….he he he

yang pasti “Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary yang pertama buat bakingprojet”…teruskan usaha berkongsi ilmu…TAHNIAH!!!

merpati66 says:

Salam Min, setelah berbelas kali baru dpt login kat sini semua amin aje lee..berpeluh2 n berkobar2 nak menyanyi lagi selamat hari jadi nie…
ok ready….

version P.Ramlee tau..

“Allah selamat kan Baking Projek ,
Allah selamatkan Baking Projek……
Allah selamatkan ahli2nya …
Allah selamatkan Baking Projek……

version Indonesia ya bu….

Panjang umurnya
Panjang umurnya…
Panjagn umurnya setahun lagi ,
setahun lagiiiiiiii….untuk Baking Projek….

Ok nie dia ada pantun lak untuk Min ya…

Tanam pinang rapat2
Biar senang puyuh berlari
Ku antor2 tak dapat2
Datang umah Ku bawa lari semua tolls tu…hehhee

Salam ceria untuk semua..


daybab says:

Kak Min,
Congratulations to Baking Project and to you too.. Happy 1st Birthday!!!

I guess you made the right decision to be a stayed-home mother, blogger and teacher. I know you enjoyed doing all this.

Alhamdulilah, through blogging Maria terjumpa your blog. And I manage to learn about cake and cupcakes decorations from you. It was an awesome experience. Thank you. I hope that I can learn more techniques from you….

Thank you, Kak Min. I hope you will continue blogging as you really inspire most of us with your cake deco and aslo as a teacher..

Congratulations, Kak Min & Baking Project!!!!

emma.tajudin says:

congrats kak min and happy bday to baking project.
semoga terus menjadi inspirasi kepada semua…

intankhadi says:

A year older a year wiser..there goes the old saying….Baking Project had inspired me to pursue with my dream in decorating cakes. I always bake but not decorating cakes…my 1st class with u kak Min had in its own way gave me confidence…dats the ultimate push factor for me…Happy 1st Bday Baking project.

anais223 says:

Congratulations Min. You’re my inspiration to become a stay home mommy and loving it ….

mimas78 says:

Happy anniversary.. semoga berjaya utk min.. Mas teruja la tgk cake deko kat blog min ni.. harap2 mas bleh blaja dan terror macam min jugk.. hehehheee…
Congrats Min

Kamsiah bte Ajing says:


HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY. Tahniah untuk Min, tentunya Min sangat2 gembira hingga ketahap sekarang ini kan?. Doa kak untu Min selalu.

Muda2an kali rezeki menyebalahi akak Insyaallah.

yuha says:

Hi Min,

Happy 1st Anniversary! Hope you have many more years of fun blogging, sharing, baking and decorating ahead of you. Congrats!


niccicola says:

Happy Birthday! This is so exciting for you!

Niccicola@gmail.com or Nicole@roanokecakes.com

suehaida says:

Salam Kak Yasmin,
Tahniah di atas sambutan hari lahir yang pertama. Semoga kejayaan sentiasa di sisi akak. Susah payah jadikan rencah dalam menempuh segala dugaan dan halangan. Kejayaan dan kenangan manis jadikan dorongan untuk maju ke hadapan. Keep up the good work…sky is the limit. Congratulations!

Penyulawa says:

Happy Birthday to Baking Project and to Yasmin, thanks for develop such an interesting blog for us. Semuga Allah memberkati usaha anda. All the best, dear.

cakeschocolates says:

Hepi birthday to Baking Project…

kamalina says:

ala…mana komen saya tadi kak min?? naper tak appear ya??

hmm..anyway, happy 1st anniversary to bakingproject…. semoga terus sukses & sukses & sukses… NAK gak tools tu…………… :D

Susan says:

Hi Yasmin….what a coincidence, i share the same bday as Baking Project, Happy Bday to Us ….. :)

dilfillafa says:

Happy belated birthday to your luvly Baking Project Min..Hope you will success and being more hard work and be the best site for baking lovers…

*hope to see more in Baking Project..

rvenantius says:

Hi Kak Min,
Congratulations on your 1st Birthday Baking Project and keep it up.I really enjoy with your hand work and am learning new tips and ideas from your blog and it’s really help.All the best n success always.


manja71 says:

Happy 1st Birthday Baking Project

Semoga success selalu, i love your design on fondant cakes and keep it up.
diharap dapat memperkayakan kemahiran dan dapat kita berkongsi bersama ilmu yang ada.

* ini soalan lain pulak kat mana u beli gadget fondant tu kebanyakan yang u tunjuk i berkenan boleh tahu kedainya.tq


whaslinda says:

Happy 1st Birthday Baking Project…
Best nye…
You’ve helped me a lottttttttttttt………….
Keep it on okeyyy….


suzinor says:

Salam Min…
Happy Birthday baking project. I use this blog to look for new tools & new design. K.Suzi berkenan dgn patchwork cutter tu.. I like your design on fondant cakes.. Di cake connection ada jual ke tools ni….

jemi says:

salam kak min..

congrats n happy birthday to baking project. nice blog n keep up your good work kak min. i’ve learned a few new tips from this blog n they help alot. thanks once again kak min



Azfa says:

Salam Min..
Congratulations to you and Baking Project on the 1st year Anniversary!! Keep up the work and thanks for sharing the baking info with us readers..

Sharing is caring!!

Salam and cheers

nozie says:

waaaahhhhhh syioknyer tgk your gadget…..teruja!!!! kalu ler dpt satu…hehehe…anyway happy birthday to bakingproject…moga2 come up dgn creation yg vasszzzzz

trisya_aleesa says:

Salam Kak Min…
Wahhhhhhh what a awsome gift!!!
Pick Me Pick Me…
1stly wanna wish you a very happy 1st year “blog” birthday..
Moga akak mendapat perlindungan Allah Ta’ala.. Dimurahkan rezeki & di permudahkan dalam segala hal… apa2 pun teruskan usaha akak & saya sentiasa mendoakan akak… you are my inspiration!!!

Renuga says:

Hi Mama Min,

A Big Congratulations to Bakingproject 1st yr anniversary. I have always enjoyed your cake designs that are alwiz mind bloggling to me. Keep coming up with many more wonderful creations. Also wishing you many more exciting years ahead.


My email id : renugav16@yahoo.com

choddy says:

Congratulation on yr 1st Anniversary. Keep up the good work!

meli82 says:

Happy 1st Birthday Baking Project. Congratulations to Kak Min di atas kejayaan mengilhamkan project site ini yang mengeratkan our relationship dan yang banyak memberi panduan dan tunjuk ajar tentang ilmu2 baking & decorating khususnya pada kami2 yang masih baru dalam bidang ini. Harapan sangat tinggi untuk jadi seperti Kak Min and you are my inspiration.



rizza says:

semoga sentiasa berjaya dan cemerlang dalam dunia “baking” & “decorating”… saya pun nak jadik macam Kak Min…



selvint01 says:

Happy 1st Birthday Baking Project !!!!!!
Congrats Kak Min!!!

Mathi says:

Congrats on your achievement!!! Let’s keep on baking..baking and baking…



beginner says:

Congratulations Kak Min and Baking Project on your 1st Anniversary..Thank for your passion and enthusiasm to inspire, encourage, motivate and nurture those who is as enthusiastic and passionate but do not know where to start with your wonderful and informative Baking Project writings.I’m glad that I know how and where to start my own baking project now. Keep up the good work Kak Min and Baking Project.

ninoZi says:

Baking Project, Baking Project

Kami datang…
sama-sama berkongsi kegembiraan

Kami tak berapa pandai, dan kami tak berapa cekap
Bila bekerjasama, semua jadi mahir

Hey…Baking Project heppi besday!!


[sila baca dgn nada lagu wonderpets]

nurul says:

Happy 1st Birthday to Baking Project!

Kak Min, dulu tak dapat buku, harap2nye kali ni dapat la apa2 gift. Hehe.
Apa2pun TAHNIAH berjaya handle web yg byk membantu bakers ni.
Semoga terus berjaya dan keep it up!

Eunice says:

Aww yay congrats and a happy birthday to this lovely blog.

I was cracking my head to figure who Min was, thank you for being so generous

youknees@gmail.com is my email! :)

fatimzainal says:

Salam Kak Min, Happy 1st Birthday to Baking Project, wishing you all the best in your baking journey, more exciting plans & activities, enhance the skill and knowledge for betterment and perfection. Spread your wings up to the sky and one day u will realise that its worth being a great baker!!!! congrats again.

angel_fida says:

Happy Birthday to Baking Project!!!!!Semoga Sukses dlm bidang yg kak Min minat….Saya mendoakan kak min berjaya..AMIN