PME Professional Diploma course – Sugarpaste Module

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Today is the first day of the course. In UK, the course is run once a week, total of 5 weeks. So basically it’s a 5 days course. Here it is split into 3 weeks. I’m so tired but at the same time, excited to see what’s in store for tomorrow. Let me show you what I got today..


Loads of gadgets.. this is the best present in my whole life ! Okay, I know you’re a little bit jealous right now ;-) . Don’t be, I am poorer by RM3K due to this course. Anyway, all these equipments are PME brand. I already have some in my collection, but having extras wouldn’t hurt ! Plus I could lend it to my students during class.

There’s one book though, which I don’t think I want. So I am giving it away to one lucky reader.



I bought this book many months ago and the price was RM57.50 then.

So, anybody wants this book ? All you have to do is leave a comment to this post, don’t forget to include your email or link. Closing date is 8th Nov, this Saturday. Unfortunately I can open this to Malaysians only. The book will be posted to the lucky winner, chosen at random by using Random Integer Generator. The winner will be announce here.

More pics of the class at my Flickr. Take care.


Yasmin says:

Hi Kumari, you are so kind with your words.. I’m deeply touched.. Thank you very much. This course was taken many years back Kumari, and yes I did pass it ! Cheers.

kumari says:

Hi min, always eagerly waiting to surf your blog to know whats new in store. As I have said before you are so kind and generous to share your secret recipes and never hesitate to give precious advise on how to improve further in our baking and sugar modelling.
Luv to meet you one day , Wish you all the best in your PME diploma course. You will come out in flying colours.

nia_ain says:


ala kak min..ramainye! but i’m still positive…klu dpt, bestnya! klu xdpt pun, dh dpt byk ilmu dlm blog akak ni… take care! all the best 4 ur dip. suka!

Yasmin says:

Salam Rahid, try tengok kat Kinokuniya, KLCC. Situ akak pernah nampak buku buat bunga gumpaste dari Alan Dunn. Tq.



Yasmin says:

Hi Ally, currently there are 2 place offering the PME course – Pastrypro and Sugarflours. Maybe you can google their website for futher info. tq.

ally says:

Hi Kak Min, may I know where this PME course was held? Am interested in attending as well. Do let me know =)

Nor says:

Hai Yasmin, I am one of your silent reader and still new in baking. I am very much interested with the books though i am not in malaysia at the moment but if am a lucky winner ( hopefully ), can I use my parents address in Melaka? Please,please, please. Thanks a lot.

suria says:

for the PME diploma, can a beginner enroll for that course?? n where is the location??

Yasmin says:

Salam Nazalina & Tisya, if you read the article, resultnye dah keluar.. and the book has been given away long ago. Maybe in the future ada freebies lagi ok ! thanks for visiting.

Tisya says:

hehe.. nk kacau Kak Min lg.. No harm in trying out my luck; I WANT THE BOOK!!!! ekekekeke Take care kak c u in KK next Feb!

nazalina nawawi says:

salam… wow! this is the book i really need. hopefully i am the lucky person to have the book…

aerius says:

am sure u r completely broke now.. staying in uk for 3weeks or mayb more + getting all those cakeDec stuff probably cost u RM?000 .. work hard ye min


Min says:

Salam dik, I bought the book kat pastrypro. Check out their website for more detail –

beginner says:

hello kak min,

love your blog, simple and educating..i’m newbie but am really interested in all this cake deco thingy..but i can only self-learn and do bit by bit due to financial constraint =) anyway, envy your enthusiasm and passion in baking..oh man! i’m going baking frenzy too!! all the best ya kak min!!

kak min, i’m sure i’m waaaaaaaaay ketinggalan for the book prize..but can you share with me where did you buy the book previously?

thank you so much! have a great weekend ya.

akmafazli says:

herm…xsempat la join competition nih…huaaaaa…

tammy says:

Hi Kak,

After I browse ur web to buy the gumpaste only found that you going to give away your book. I AM EXTREMELY LOVE THIS. However, it already due date to this lucky draw. CAN YOU INCLUDE ME FOR THE DRAW??????????


AQis@Taiping says:

best ler k min….adiah pun best2….buat ler lagi….buleh join hehhehehe

kit says:

Do not know what to comment but love to surf around the web page.

mawarceria says:

Salam Kak Min,

Bestnya kalau dapt buku sugarpaste tu. Well hope I’m the lucky one. InsyaAllah. Amin.

ninoz says:

elo kak min..

dua tiga kucing berlari
manakan sama si kucing belang
dua tiga buku boleh dicari
manakan sama buku percuma dihadiahkan orang….



Yati says:

Kak Min.. I admire your works! You are soo lucky to do things that you enjoy soo much..

So here I am hoping to get a freebook… hehe

Yuha says:

Hi Min.

It’s awesome that you are atttending this course. I saw the brochure at Pastry Pro when I went there some months back. I was so tempted to sign up, only I couldn’t because of work commitment and at this point in time it was a bit pricey for me.

After looking at all the tools that you got for the course, it’s definitely worth itlah. And what more knowledge you will be getting from the course. It may hit you now that you have spent RM3K on the course but knowledge and experience is priceless!!!

I am glad you had the opportunity to go for it. Way to go, Min!!!

buttercup says:

dear kak min,
you are what you are by what you think!…kak min boleh!!!
all the best and gud luck in ya “ PME Professional Diploma course – Sugarpaste Module ”. i know kak min can do desrved the best kak min :)

hope i can meet ya one fine day by joining ya class soon…
regards and love,

merpati66 says:

Salam min…alamakkkkkkkk dah terlambat lee comment kat sini….min buku tu ida nak beli ok tak? ada lagi ke? cuti jaga abi kat sepital….
apa2 pun tahniah kerana belajar lagi tu…ida dah tak larat nak gie belajar malas..ehee

Ariyatna says:

salam perkenalan kak min,

ini pertama kali jumpa blog nih. ke sana kemari saya google cari kelas untuk buat cupcakes dan akhirnya tercampak ke sini. Bagus jugak, saya pun nak cuba nasib nak dapat buku kak min tu.

:D dan tak sabar nak belajar, amik kelas dgn kak Min

Vichelle says:

Hi Min, being your very first student and proud to be ;-)
wish you all the best and at the same time, wish myself all the best too lah…..(eyeing at the book…hehe)

mas says: yg hantar komen.. ada can ke nak dapat buku ni..

sue says:

wahahaaa….kak min..

ada buku free ekk..nak jugakk….hehehee…

^-^…<—dengan muka x malu nyer…

Roseliza Ellyani says:

Hi yasmine,
Just drop by to your page for the first time today..
Bestnye kalau dapat semua tools banyak-banyak macam tu…
I’m now doing my own house based cupcakes business..
baru nak belajar-belajar..
maybe one day i can order the fondants or gumpaste from you.. :)
keep up with your good work and effort!!

Hulubalang says:


Ilmu dalam buku itu akan lebih bermakna kalau saya dapat secara percuma :)

nurul says:

Kak Min, nak buku! Hehe. *buat muka tak malu*

Yasrah says:

Salam Kak Min,

I hope that I’m the Lucky One. Love the book and gadgets. InsyaAllah murah rezeki I will be joining your class soon.

gartblue says:


jelesnya !! i’d love to get your whoole set of tools and gadgets .. ee bestnye ..

anyhow .. pick me!!

Anne says:

Hi Min!

Although I have hardly won anything in my life, I am trying for this book! Love your site and all that it contains. It has and continues to be an inspiration to me.