Quick sugar cone basket

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This was the cake I made as a wedding gift to my cousin.  The design is very simple actually.  It has four sugar cone baskets with mini roses as the side design.  Here’s a guide on how the basket is done.

The cutter I’m using is called “Creative Plaque Lattice Cutters & Embossers” from PME.   It works as a cutter as well as an embosser.  If you do not have this cutter, don’t worry.  Just cut out a triangle shape, then find a tool such as a embossed roller/ mat  to emboss some design onto it.

To make the basket, roll thinly a mixture of fondant and gumpaste (or gumpaste alone).  Cut and emboss and you will get shapes as in the picture below.

Just roll them up into a nice cone shape and attach the seams with water.  Trim the top so it looks neat.

I immediately glue the basket to the side of the cake, just using water.   You can also let it dry and attach later with royal icing.  Once its dry, fill it up with mini flowers .   Decorate further with sugar ribbons, if you wish.  Then brush  the basket with some pearl dust to emphasize the emboss surface.

The flower bouquet will also look good on cupcakes.  Hope you’ll try it.  :)




Yasmin says:

thank you Rodica, hope you’ll try it.

Rasha Khayata says:

Dear Yasmin ,

I’m starting my cupcake project in the capital of United Arab Emirates, A bu- Dhabi & I was looking for a chef that have the passion in baking & decorating cakes & cookies ; who would like to discover new culture in one of the best area’s of the world .

My best regards

Yasmin says:

Wiz, nice to hear frm you ! eh, how was the trip ? dah gi ke belum ? ya la, me too trying to think of ways to use this cutter. I think I saw once they made a santa claus carriage with this. Anyway, thanks for dropping by :)

wiz says:

Hi Min,

Catching up on all your entries here.

I have probably used this set like twice. Once masa dekat pastry pro, the other time, can’t even remeber when.

I hope to figure out how else to use these.

Thanks for the tutorial!

Alice says:

The flower look like fake one. Just can’t believe it is edible. What a nice cake making.

Yasmin says:

Hi Joy, so glad to be of some help.. thanks for stopping by :)

Joyfullcakes says:

Thanks so much for posting this! I bought the same set of cutters a good two years ago, but have never used them as they just didn’t quite fit in with what I was doing. All my cakes are buttercream as no one in my area wants a cake covered in fondant. I’m stuck using fondant or gumpaste as accent pieces only. At least now I’ll have a use for cutters making your pretty sugar cones. Thanks again!