Sugar box and crystal fruits

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I am so happy that I finally knew how to make this sugar box, using pastillage. Pastillage is basically made from gelatine and icing sugar, suitable for making structures.

What do you think of the fruits ? Cute kan.. they are delicious too. Love modelling the little fruits. No baking required, however. The fruits are made from yellow beans paste and coated with jelly. I was told if kept in the fridge, the crystal fruits will last for about a month. If left outside in our weather, probably about 5 days. This is due to the coconut milk which is one of the ingredient. Very famous dessert in Thailand, it seems.

I’m thinking of making a few more sugar boxes and crystal fruits.. this is my first one and obviously, need more practice. Suitable for hantaran/ wedding gifts. To put lots of the little fruit or even a ring. Can’t wait to try more. :)  

ija says:

min, boleh tak buat class sugar box dan crstal fruits?

nuruljannah says:

assalamualaikumm…suke sgt tgk cupcakes, kek2 n deco dier..mmg nape klas jauh sgt kt jb tu..huhu..kite duk seremban ni..xde klas online ke?? hehehe..

Min says:

Anis, sori buat masa ni tak ajar buat sugar box ni, saje suka-suka. Farida, dtg la kelas akak. Ada ajar resepi buat fondant from scratch.

farida says:

i love making sugar box.but i don’t think i have the patience.

but i really want to join ur fondant class..
cam seronok.kat klas lecturer tak aja pon fondant.diorang cume aja sugar box n decorating pakai buttercream

anis says:

Akak anis nak blaja sugar box dari akak la

Jerri says:

This is so cute. I love it!

Min says:

Hi kawan-kawan…thanks for the feedback. Kotak pastillage tu keras, not suitable to be eaten. Altho technically it is edible. Fruits tu lembik sikit, but still mcm modelling paste, Wiz. Just that you cannot make things like flowers from it, cannot make it too thin like gumpaste. It will break. So, only suitable for slightly bigger and fatter things..

Ida Isk says:

alaahaiiii min bestnya dpt buat fruits tu , dah lama nak wat tak buat2 tu..gie thailand kat phuket tu byk org fruits tu

wiz says:

Min, kalau dah rajin tu, sumer buat pun jadi je. The fruits tu handling dia mcm modelling paste ke? Not that I am interested to do let alone rajin to do it but just curious. The rajin part I hand it to you.

Good job Min!!!

Hi yasmin
loved the creative thought…loved your calla lily and other lily cakes as well..the elegance speaks for itself…visual appeal is great .

Tamil Selvi says:

hi min,
the sugar box is really nice even though it’s your first sugar box.
i have alot to learn from u..

boxhousestudio says:

min akak suka sumenya dari buat sugar box ngan cyrstal fruits..emmm…ilmu ni tiada akhirnya…kita enjoy!!!

emil@mamamia says:

wow…kak min ni buat apa pun bekenan la…yg crystal fruits tu emil penah jumpa kat chiang aunty bwk pegi one heritage house kat sana..comel sangat…tengok pun sayang…ni kak min plak bt…eeeeeeeee..geramnya..mcmana nk bt yek..

dulu emil slalu order utk occasion wedding ke apa2 ke tapi yg baked punya…tak bekilat sgt…

Nanie says:

cantiknye sugar box tuh kak min.. comment #1..nanie penah tgk org buat sugar box yg kecik2..rasa tak silap blog mama eena (nama blog die lupa sbb main surf jek)..yg tepak sirih tuh..
skang tgh hot benda nih..kt opis nanie..ada akak tuh bgtau..souvenier anak die kawen nti..nk bg sugar box..

Wow.. they are gorgeous…if i were to buy these, it will be very difficult to eat them..sayang.. but then if i have learnt to make them from you Min, haha.. i will have constant supply then. BEST! :D

whaslinda says:

Waahhh… Kak Min… dh boleh bukak another class… best nye…

Sabrina says:

Min … cantiknya… satu idea untuk hantaran…uniklah!!!!
ehem…. boleh tak attach resepi tu as you mentioned as “Pastillage” which is basically made from gelatine and icing sugar……

amoi/ayumi says:

kak min.. i’ll join ur class @ jb..
cant wait to see u n learn from u.. ^^
muacss.. take care

amoi (n_n)v

zaitgha says:

so the box can be eaten ya?…but kinda hard right….and i like the fruits…very nice

nurul says:

Kak Min, after this boleh buat kelas sugar box and crystal fruits pulak. Mmg sgt comel, ada kawan nurul buat hantaran tunang.

*Pernah tgk sugar box yg kecik2 cam bekas potpourri tu. Comel banget! Tapi xtau apa isi dlm tu.