Gum paste flower – Calla Lily

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Thanks Ridzuan for the order :)

It seems some couples do chose to get engaged or marry during this Raya month. Probably to coincide with the long public and school holidays. The cake above was a last minute order, Calla Lily was the quickest flower I could come out with, given the short notice period. The weather was also excellent, hot and not humid. The calla lilies were dried in a few hours and I was so relieved that the order was completed on time.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make the flowers. I don’t use any cutters for this, just free hand. You will need :

Egg white
Petal dust – yellow and green
Gumpaste / flower paste
Ball tool
floristry tape – green
20 or 22 gauge wire


Colour the gumpaste yellow and roll into a cone shape. Dip the wire into the egg white and slid into the cone. Pinch the bottom to seal and secure the cone.


I don’t have the proper pollen style edible dust, so instead I’m using semolina flour. Brush the cone with egg white and then smother it with the semolina. Leave to dry until it is firm to handle.


Ok, for the flower, roll the gumpaste and leave the bottom part slightly thicker. Since I don’t have a cutter, what I do is, I position the flower center on the gumpaste and then cut around it with a craft knife. The cone or center should be approximately 3/4 of the length of the flower. (Just make sure it is not protruding out of the flower ! Cacat la pulak nanti rupenye.. )


Once you are satisfied with the shape of the flower, place it on a foam and thin the edges with a ball tool. Rub the ball tool with some shortening and glide it along the petal edges. If you want, you can vein the flower at this point by using a corn husk or flower veiner.


Brush some egg white at the bottom of the flower and wrap it around the cone. Furl the edges and sharpen the tip of the flower. Colour the center with yellow petal dust and the base of the flower with green. Wrap the wire with green floristry tape.


That’s basically it, I’m confident anyone can do it. Try smaller versions to put on cupcakes or other calla lilies colors. Good luck :) .



Doreen says:

I would like to know if I can order gum paste flowers from you.

zh says:

hi the flower is very beautifully done can u help me with any thing apart from the flowers something abstract like baby stuffs or house or abstract things

noranita says:

salam kak min dari mana saya blh dptkan resepi gam past

Charmaine says:

I was wondering where do you get petal dust from? Can you suggest locations around the Klang Valley area or KL?

Thanks ^^ love your cakes

DAncy says:

Wow………….u so talented and creative . Keep it up …I tengok the pix pun I dah thrill …

Kia says:

Hi! tk secara sengaja terjumpa blog ni. Wah! cantik2 design kat sini bolih kasi idea utk next project. Btw, saya dh beli buku kraf gula tu & dh mencuba nya utk hantaran pertunangan minggu lepas. Tapi design saya sendiri. Success! & tks.

Yasmin says:

thanks Honey and kak wan. Yg mold bunga utk border bawah tu I order from UK kak. Nanti lah I cari websitenye balik. Remind me masa akak jumpa saya nanti.


Lovely cake..
Am interested in the lovely lacey skirting tu..mana nak beli yer?

Honey says:

Looks very nice ^______^

Yasmin says:

You can buy it at any bakery ingredients shop. I got mine from Pastrypro at Kepong.

yas says:

where can you buy the roller ball tool