Making roses without cutters

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Hi everyone.. sorry for not updating this blog more often. Please subscribe to my RSS feed if you haven’t done so. Anyway, today I was fasting (ada gak rasa macam nak pengsan, baru 1st day ganti ! ) so I was quite tired and free of cooking. Took out my gumpaste and started making these roses. I can assure you this technique is so much easier than the Wilton technique. You need only the calyx cutter. Ok, here’s the step by step tutorial.

First, make a cone shape from your gumpaste.


Then, for the petal, make a small ball.


Pinch to flatten it, making sure the edges are thin. Rub your fingers with shortening when doing this.


Brush a little water at the bottom and stick it to the cone. Try to cover the whole tip.
pic4.JPG pic5.JPG

This is the first layer. The layering part is quite easy to remember. You will need :

1st layer – 1 petal
2nd layer – 2 petal
3rd layer – 3 petal
4th layer – 4 petals. All together, 10 petals.

My second layer is completed :

pic6.JPG pic7.JPG

Continue till the 4th layer. Or you could stop here to make a bud.

Now, for the calyx you will need to use a cutter. If you don’t have any, you could just cut out the shape with a craft knife.


I use my fingers to pull and thin the calyx.

pic9.JPG Brush some water and glue it to the base of the rose. Before that, pinch out the excess cone at the bottom of the rose.


So here’s the completed flowers.


Just leave it to dry, it can stand on its own due to the cone shape beneath. I like using this technique, its fast and easy. Probably most of you already know how to do this, but I still hope this tutorial will be useful to the newbies.

Time to sign off, thanks for stopping by and … smile ! Tomorrow’s Friday ! :-D


Chef Rod says:

Oh I do appologize for posting twice in a row, but i would also like to comment that with the thinner edges from the method i just provided, you can also curl back those edges on each petal to form the famous look to a rose petal. Like mentioned above i can give pictures for a totorial if needed.

Just want to help. :)

Chef Rod

Chef Rod says:

Regardless to the fact that my website isnt working becuase i just closed my doors, i am now the executive pastry chef at Couture Cakes in Chongqing China. I am enjoying my work and am always looking for new and improved ways to change or edit something.

I took a look at your demo for the roses, and yes i agree this is a very simple method and can make beautiful roses, but may i suggest an extra step that will improve the final image of the rose.

When you make the edge on the petal you simply pinch the ends together with your fingers *coated with shortening to make it easier* Yes that is one method, but i fear that your edges are a little thick. Sure they look nice, but for some of the roses i make you just cant have them that thick.

I would recomend that you use a ziploc bag *or a pastry bag* withever you got, use the inside top and bottom, place your petal inside and seal it around the oil. Then use your thumb and fingers to form your edge. This will not only give you an extremely thin edge but also allow you to mishape the petal each time to fit what you are looking for.

One fo the golden rules in Baking and Pastry is that if you want it to look real, mess it up. now im not saying go nuts and start cutting things, but honestly not every petal is to be perfect. Nature sure isnt.

Well i hope this idea helps you, i can assure you this is what i use to make my roses and if you want pictures, email me at my address provided and i will be happy to share. I look forward to being a normal blogger on your page, and to offer as much advice as i can.

CIA Grad, Restuarntier, Exec Pastry Chef, and hopefully a friend.

Chef Rod

visitor says:

your roses look beaustiful. thanks so much for the tips! it really helps a whole lot.

ctcat says:

Hi kak Min,

long time tak masuk Site u ni…cantiknye roses tu!! how i wish i can make 1 like that…i just bought the cutters and all..but don’t have the time yet. Busy with my buttercream icing laa…
Feel free to browse my site ya! thanks..

Min says:

Thanks Wiz, I’m not really into flowers, haven’t tried making a complete set ngan daun semua.. sometimes I’m too lazy, I just buy them. Thanks singgah ya.

wiz says:

You make beautiful roses Min. The ones I make would flinch when they see their friends here. SO nice and even. Mine would always turn out with some petals bigger or out of shape than the other.

Min says:

Yozora, sure no problem.. sorry I made you guys learn how to make the Wilton roses.. but I guess that technique is still useful in making a whole spray of flowers with wires. Have a good week. Thanks.

hope you had a great weekend min. these roses are lovely. does not seem to take as much time to do as the wilton roses. thank you so much for the tutorial :)

Min says:

Aqis, cantik sgt kek fondant yg bunga ros kuning tu.. buat bunga sendiri ye ? wah..terror la.

Anna, akak pun masih byk kena belajar.. tapi rasanya kek lapis mungkin akak bukan penyabar sgt kut. Dah tu guna byk betul telur kan..

anna says:

Salam Min, belajar ikut buku je kek lapis tu but still tak sepandai Min dengan sugar paste :)

AQis says:

k min…finally….dpt gak buat roses guna this method…yayyyyy….thanks k min…

Min says:

Salam Intan – sama-sama, no problem.

Hai Aqis, akak ada kat rumah ni je. Cuma nothing interesting to update in the blog.

Honey, Zai & Dayang – tkasih singgah. Salam Jumaat juge..

Vivian, you can try to make the rose. Just buy one small packet of ready to roll fondant. I think less than RM20. Try to play around, sure you’ll like it. :)

Vivian says:

Hi Min, your roses look so real….love it! I will try it when I know how to make sugarpaste or fondant…hai…don’t know when will that be… :(
Anyway, wish you a wonderful weekend.

zaitgha says:

this is how i make my roses too….it works well with sugarpaste(fondant) too….

fabmom says:

Nice roses! Happy Friday!

AQis says:

K min….p mana lama x nampak ni….main nyorok2 plak hehe…btw, love yr rosess….

intan hazlin says:

Kak Min selalu share useful & interesting tips with us..
..and for that we say..THANK U KAK MIN! Kak Min memang generous!