Chocolate icing

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Some call it chocolate plastic.  It’s basically just like white ready-to-roll fondant (sugarpaste/ plastic icing) – only thing it taste like chocolate (yummy !) and looks brown like a bar of chocolate.  I have heard about it for a long time but just couldn’t find it sold anywhere.  I was glad to found it at Cake Connection during my last visit. Bought a pack even though I have no future plan on how to use it.  Anyway, yesterday we were invited to a neighbour’s wedding, so I quickly made a batch of cupcakes.  Took out the chocolate fondant and start decorating the cupcakes.


Like most ready-made fondant, I find the texture of the chocolate fondant too soft.  I’m not sure, is it due to our hot weather ? I have to knead in some cocoa powder into the chocolate fondant to make it slightly stiffer.  In its original texture, it is too soft to make chocolate roses. The petals will droop. But after adding a little bit of cocoa powder, it was ok. Only thing working with cocoa powder was a bit messy, I had to be careful not to stain the cupcakes.  But the taste of the chocolate icing is suprisingly good.. I can nibble on them just like real chocolate.  Forgot to mention the price, it was around RM18+ if I’m not mistaken.  Imagine wrapping a whole cake with this chocolate icing,  we will never peel away the fondant before eating the cake..  And if you are making a black cake, then using the chocolate fondant will save time on trying to get the black colour (since it is already dark brown).

So go grab a packet and start wrapping and moulding :) .




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soph23 says:

Hi these are really great! can i ask where in the UK you got your embossed roller from?

noreha says:

salam kak min,
i really luv baking n ur blog is really inspire me..dont mind if i do follow ur blog,i do need help from u…some other day

Yasmin says:

Daalia, nanti one day I melawat your shop ye. All the best.

Azie, the orange base tu, I used an embossed roller which I ordered from UK.

Wiz, yes I saw the same pack kat Yummy. Thanks.

wiz says:

Hi there Min, lama tak sembang.

There’s another brand that sells the chocolate fondant ni. It is in gold plastic wrapper, I can’t remember its name. But I have tried it and it is not too soft like the bakel one tu. Kat Sugarflours ada jual. But you really need to knead it for awhile. And it covers the cake nicely.

azie says:

Hi K Min..

I luv baking.. just started with my cupcake.. a bit blurr when it comes to decorate my cup cake.. anyway, like this article & thinking of to try it.. the above deco is nice.. how to do the base (orange colour)..??

Daalia says:

Hi Min.. thanks so much dear for visiting my blog …. tak sangka masih ingat kat I :-) thanks for the good wishes and the nice words as well…. u r doing great too :-)

Oh yeah, on the chocolate icing fondant, I am selling them at my shop as well… so kalau ada kengkawan yang nak beli chocolate fondant ni, boleh la Min recommend them to come to my shop kan….

All the best always,

Yasmin says:

Salam Nadi, the embossed design on the cuppies were made using a roller, bought from UK.

Rahimah, nanti dah try boleh la bagi comment.

Fiza, cmc boleh jugak guna kalau takde gum trag. Tapi akak sebenarnye tak pernah try. Cuba cari Wilton gumtex boleh jugak.

Emil, wow congrats… memang sedap coklat icing ni, your generals mesti sukakan ! Thanks Mil.

emil says:

hi kak min…

since i’ve read about this chocolate icing..i just wanna share something wit you..hahaha..last friday i bouht 1 chocolate icing …

as me..a very new beginner in cake decoration…i had bought one of this things..and start to wrap the whole cake with it…and wow..it turned well…and as you said…this kind of…adalah sedikit lembik..

but when it comes to serving time…suprisingly…no waste at all…all you can eat..hahaha..everyone love it..or it just because the best ever chocolaate moist cake that i baked hahahaha…thanks again kak min for the info…take care…

fiza says:

salam, kak Min,

Saya dah beli buku kraf gula. Saya ni baru nak cuba-cuba buat bunga gum paste tapi tak tau nak beli kat mana gum tracaganth. dalam buku Kak Min ada tulis boleh gunakan cmc, ada perbezaan tak kalau gunakan cmc. Harap Kak Min boleh bantu saya. Terima Kasih


Emily says:

The recipe sounds great. Its time to make it.

Emily says:

It looks and sounds really yummy. I will surely make some today.

Rahimah says:

Salam , Kak Min,

Semlm saya nampak chocolate fondant nie kat BRP Sungai Buluh. Tak terfikir nak beli, but after reading your entry nie, rasa tak sabar lak nak beli. :P

nadi aidid says:

yeah! so happy finally its here! i would buy some from Cc… anyway, i love that template on that cupcake? where did u buy them? hehe…;) thanks for sharing! xoxo nadi