Royal icing recipe

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Apart from covering cakes, royal icing is also used to pipe additional features and to glue together parts of the gum paste flowers. If you can’t get hold of any meringue powder, here’s a recipe on how to make royal icing using egg whites.

Ingredients :

1 egg white (reserve 1 more egg white to adjust the consistency)

500 gm icing sugar (sieved twice)

1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar


Whisk the egg white slightly. Add the icing sugar a tablespoon at a time to the egg white. Mix well. Add the cream of tartar. Beat for about 20 minutes until you get the right consistency.

Soft peak is use for writing and embroidery . Medium peak is for piping any shell borders. To pipe additional features for the flowers and glue the parts together, we will need a medium to stiff peak. You can adjust the consistency by adding icing sugar to make it harder, or adding egg white to soften it. Any leftover icing can be kept in the fridge in a tight container, and to re-use just beat it up again. Always cover royal icing while working, as it can turn hard very fast.


Yasmin says:

Hi Jegero, for piping you will have to use a stiffer RI. Just add icing sugar bit by bit, and test it by piping a line using your round nozzle. The RI must not be too soft. Use medium consistency. Yes you can paint luster dust on RI. Thanks :)

jegero says:

Do I use this same consistency for piping designs on a fondant covered cake?
Can I pant luster on this design after it has dried up?
If I have to use a different consistency, please give me the proportions.
Thank you