Flower fairy cake

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I’m always excited when I get an order from a customer who doesn’t exactly specify what design she wants. It means I can be really creative and try something which I haven’t done before. This time Cik Azlina’s only request was to make a ‘girly cake’. Well, after much thought I decided to make a flower fairy cake. The cake was for four girls with different ages, so I’m hoping the theme would pleased them.


See more picture of the flower fairy cake in my Flickr on the left side bar.

The mushrooms were made from all gumpaste with a toothpick inside. The fairy from 50-50 mixture of fondant and gumpaste. I used rice paper to make the wings. Bought the rice paper from a shop opposite Amp Walk, Jalan Ampang (can’t remember the chinese name now..).

The pink Gerbera flower and butterfly was ready made actually, got it from my favorite cake deco shop – Cake Connection in PJ. I dusted them with petal dust to make them prettier.

All in all, I’m quite happy with the result… need more practice on the figurine, though. Terima kasih Azlina for the order. :)


Yasmin says:

Lea, practis X 3 !

Scha, hv I replied to your email ? Letak kek dlm kereta aircond. And pastikan guna fondant yg tak lembik sgt, knead in some icing sugar kalau lembik. Tq.

scha says:

min, ada tips tak utk fondant tak nak bagi cair kalau travel long distance

Lea says:

salam kak min!nak pandai macam kak min ler!

Yasmin says:

Thanks Sweetart..

Sweetart says:

That is really cute and so detailed! I love it, the little fairy looks as if she has so much personality about her!

Yasmin says:

Thank you Fresh Cakes.

Tisya, so sad to hear your story. I hope you are getting better now. Ok takpe insyaallah for KK, I’ll be coming early next year. Maybe in Feb. Kalau panjang umur, kita jumpa ye. Take good care of yourself.

Hi Amy, the price for this 7 inch cake is RM200 ++ . Dont think we can ship it, too fragile. Email me for further inquiries ya. Thanks.

Amy Angeli says:

How much would you charge for a cake like this? And do you ship? I’m looking for something similar but am finding the prices are way out of my budget.

Tisya says:

Hi Kak Min, Tisya here from KK remember? I requested 2 join ur class last time but so sorry I couldn’t make it. I was involved in an accident, hospitalised 4 almost 3 weeks then spent d rest of 2 months at home. I really wish I’ll have d chance 2 join ur class again in d near future. So sorry again 4 not being able 2 make it last time. BTW, as usual marvelous!

Fresh cakes says:

Baking cakes also needs creativity and up picture is a nice example of creativity. Love to see such stuff and appreciate the hands who do it. Nice cake.

Linda Hussin says:

Kak Min,

Cantik betul… ^___^

adrianne says:

hi kak min,

the shop’s name i think is Hock Choon?