Glace icing

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Glace icing is the simplest form of icing. Very handy if you don’t have enough time to decorate your cake or cupcakes. I made some cupcakes yesterday and decorated it with glace icing. Here’s the recipe.


2 cups icing sugar, sifted

2 to 3 tablespoon of warm water or fruit juice

food colouring

Method : Sift the icing sugar. Use a wooden spoon, add the warm water and stir until the icing is smooth. The consistency should be similar to that of a whip cream. Or it should coat the back of your spoon. Add the colouring and it’s ready to use. This recipe is enough to cover an 8 inch round cake or for 24 cupcakes.

However take note that glace icing will harden quickly, so you have to work fast. I also find that my cupcake doesn’t look very nice the day after. Some of the icing started to crack. So it’s best eaten on the same day. There’s a few variety, you can add coffee powder, cocoa or fruit juice to flavour the glace icing, in place of the water.




All beginners should try this icing. A no-fail recipe !


orchid says:

Hello Min,

Thanks for sharing your cupcake recipes. This glaze icing sounds simple but i am sure would be very VERY sweet. =)

Min says:

about RM100 rasanya.. tak puas hati pulak, bila dah pasang skru dia semua, nampak kecik. Kalau kat US , aku nampak about 30 US dollar. Ngam la exchange rate dia tu. Nak ke ?

sri says:

berapa RM lah tu Min?

Min says:

Sri, yg cuppies stand tu dari Wilton. Hubby aku sponsor. Beli kat KL ni.

sri says:

Hi Min…..nak tanya ni….mana u beli tu tempat taruh the cuppies?…cantik lah…..d sini memang susah nak cari….

Min says:

thanks, Chef & Zai.

zaitgha says:

with a bit of lemon juice instead and pour the glazed on the lemon butter cake, its heavenly…..for decoration like this i have yet to try….maybe for my own makan2 nanti i try this color2 one……

Chef Erik says:

Wow, these look great. I wish I could bake like you. Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m glad you liked it. I will be hosting the Veg Head carnival on May 31st. Feel free to send me a recipe and I will post it. You can find the instructions on my blog post. Thanks again for stopping by. If you ever have any extra cup cakes remember the little me.

Min says:

Kak, lebih kurang, rasanya donut glaze ada campur susu sikit. Saya takde pulak resepi dia, beli donut glaze yg ready je. Ada yg campur corn syrup bagi kilat. Sorry kalau tergoda..

boxhousestudio says:

min ni..suka goda kita tau…
min..ini ke resepi glaze yang atas dunkit donut tu?…
kalu dapat kan min..akak teringin la resepi glaze yang atas donut jco tu..dah gi dah pavillion try hari tu…sedap bebenor…berkilat-kilat glaze nye…sempat ngintai budak yg kerja kat situ bekerja masa beratur panjang…admirer je le…pastu kan min…aicing yang atas cookies tu ya…aduhai..tu la jangan la goda lagi…he he..he.. he..

Min says:

Pixie, I’ve seen your work ok.. you are definitely not a beginner. Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy your Madonna concert this 10th May.

Cik Milah, terima kasih le mendoakan kita. Icing ni tak tahan lama tau, ngap aje lepas deko. Mungkin kalau nak tahan sikit, kena taruk tebal sikit layer dia. Tapi manis sgt la pulak nanti.

cikMilah says:

marvellous!. sure I will try and feedback in my Kitchen Tales..InsyaAllah. lama dah dok cari ni… it’s come handy by Min. Viva yasmin…semuga di berkati Allah dan dimurahkan rezeki

Pixie says:

Well, I feel you shared this just for me lol It’s great- I’ve used a lemon with icing sugar glaze not too long ago, never knew you could add coffee granules to it as well.