Garden wedding parcel cake

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I love making this cake, although all in all I think it took me about 7 hours to decorate it. My back and hand is aching, but I am happy with the result. Thanks Ruby for the order. Hope the cake will make it safely back to Kota Kinabalu. The colour theme is purple and white, with flowers and butterflies.

I use the PME creative plaque embossing cutter to create the ribbon on top of the top tier.

Close-up of the bottom tier :

The cake board was covered with a strip of fondant, pattern done with an embossed roller. The ribbon was embossed using the usual heart shape cutter.

If you have any questions, just shoot :) (off to doing laundry and cleaning the house now.. ). Ta-ra ! 

Yasmin says:

Mimi, pls email me at minbakingproject@gmail.com for pricing.

mimi says:

min, if i wnna order this type of cake, how much is the price. sesuai tak utk acara potong wedding kek

Min says:

Tq Desmond and Sweets & Hanim.

Salam Norrizan, the fondant should be kept at room temperature, and not in the fridge. Usually if you work in an aircond room, and the weather is humid (mcm musim hujan..) it will sweat once you turn off the aircond. Just wipe with tissue and leave it to dry naturally. Yes it is ok not to cover with marzipan. Just use a layer of fondant and make sure the thickness is the same for all surface, usually not more than 1 cm thick. Depending on your cake, kalau kek tu kronik (penuh lubang or tak rata), just thicken the fondant. thanks ! :)

Hanim says:

a’kum k.min. Tahniah. Cantik dan kreatif. Mesti rumit nak buat kan. Bila la saya berpeluang nak deco kek mcm ni. Deco cupcake pun x lepas lagi hiks………..

norrizan ramudin says:

Dear Min,
Very creative and very well presented.Colour combination is really very nice.Very professionally done.
-I wanted to ask you how to keep the fondant dry.Should it be all the time in the aircond room?I found that once I switched of my aircond the fondant start to get wet.
-Will it be ok if i do not cover my cake with marzipan before covering with roll fondant?Do you have any tips so that the results is as good as covering with marzipan.

Warm regards


wholesale sweets says:

Very imaginative! Fantastic!

Desmone007 says:

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! You are very good at what you do. I would want my wedding cake to look just like that. I would really love to direct Foodista readers to your blog. All you’d have to do is add your choice of widget to this post and you’d be all set!

Min says:

Hi Lisa, I bought it from Pastrypro kat Kepong, if you are in KL area. Go to their website at http://www.pastrypro.com.my.

Hi Timothy and Diana, thank you for dropping by. Tq for the comments and I wish you the best in your cake decorating too..

Oretha, hope to see you someday. Thanks.

Oretha says:

Hi Min, the cake is simply extrodinary. Very nice and hope to learn from you soon. Will be coming for your fondant classes son. Been busy…. cheers

Diana says:

Hi, I think you are a very talented person. I love the way you decorated every single cake and the decorations that you do. It is a beautiful wedding cake. I am from Florida. I do my own baking too. But you defently have more talent.

Timothy says:

This is a very fun and creative wedding cake. I think wedding cakes that take on an unconventional theme are great. The detailing within this cake is extraordinary.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful cake with us.

lisa says:

hie, can i know where did u get the PME creative plaque embossing cutter ?? it’s so hard to find these stuff here