Fabric effect hantaran cake

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This is a cake made for a relative’s engagement day tomorrow in Ipoh, Perak. No specific design was requested, so I was free to play around. The fabric effect was inspired by a cake I saw in a book by Kerry Vincent.

To tell the truth, I don’t really like how the cake turn out.. I think it looks heavy and a bit crowded (over sudahhh…) Probably the design would look better on a bigger cake. Nevertheless, my hubby and family insist that it looks fine.. perhaps just to shut me up, coz I kept asking, it is ok ? Does it look alright ?

Here’s the folding technique that I so wanted to try, in the end the middle looks kinda empty. So I put a small ribbon just to bring it all together.

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to be.. in this case, I shall not ponder too long and scrutinize every aspect of this cake. I tell myself, just move on and stop worrying. Good nite, everyone :) . Thanks for looking.


zaitgha says:

Come here all the time, just being a silence visitor but for this one from someone simple like me, i have to agree with your thought the deco being ‘heavy’ but hey…since customer likes it whats the problem he he…but i love the colors…

sabrina says:

min…dah cantik sangat kek tu… cuma mungkin fabric tu labuh sangat kot… just my opinion… any how..as always..your decorations are superb!!!

aerius says:


to b honest.. i think it looks ok..
well made flowers n good colour co-ordination.
Perhaps there are juz a few too many/oversize flowers on the top part..

Norrizan says:

Cantik amat.Very good color combination.Sangat sangat actractive.Especially the flowers.Very neatly sit on the fabric.