Flowers from Cake Connection

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I got a visit from Miss Nancy of Cake Connection a few days ago. She brought with her some sample of gumpaste flowers which they are selling. I must tell you that I am in love with all the flowers ! See the one below, this is called Alstromeria. Look at the colours, so vivid and alive !


I am so grateful to Cake Connection for sponsoring the flowers. The price for this is RM24.60 for 6 pieces. To me, the price is very reasonable. This amount is enough to deco a 3 tier wedding cake. Imagine the time and skill needed to make this flower. Each petal has to be wired and then bunch again to make one whole flower. Buying would make life so much easier :) .

So I decided to try out the flowers on my cake today. Made a 2 tier cake. The flower itself is already colourful, so I thought a simple design for the cake should be enough. Completed covering the cakes in fondant.


Looks pretty empty kan.. then I added the borders and flowers :


And, jeng..jeng..jeng (drumroll, please :mrgreen: ), my cake :


Of course these flowers can be wired and arrange into a spray, and you can add leaves, branches and so on.. but for today, this is what I was able to do.

Still on the topic of Cake Connection, I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching 2 classes there next month. Fondant cupcakes and Sugarpaste modelling. You can check out their website for more details.

Till the next project.. take care.


si keren says:

Selamat sore, salam kenal…
Baru hari ini saya baca blog ini, ketemu di yahoo :D

Si Cantik

ah mat gebu says:

Salam min…,Selamat menyambut hari lebaran, maaf zahir dan batin yea…..Moga u bertambah..tambah..tambah..tambahhh kreatif dalam menghasilkan craft sugarpaste……

bundazasha says:

cantik sekali bunga tu. so colorful. btw, selamat idul fitri to U & family. salam hari raya dari indonesia…..:)

zarina says:

salam yasmin, the flowers r really colorful and beautiful. ur decor is also awesome. good luck on ur teaching assignment. btw, Selamat Hari Raya to u & fmly. did u make any special cake 4 raya?l

Hi yasmin
wow, the flowers look so nice and you have tried to make nice two-tier cake..the effect is appealing and all the best for new teaching assignment.

eda says:

wahhhhh !! cantiknya bunga tuuu..lama x jenguk sini , mcm2 yg kuar….tu yg goram tuuu…Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin dr eda sekeluarga…

Min says:

Terima kasih semua.. and Selamat Hari raya juge di ucapkan. Jemput la dtg rumah !

aishah says:

Selamat menyambut aidilfitri Min…

cantik bunga tu….garang tapi ceria

emil@mamamia says:

alahai…cantik nye…apa2 pun kat sini mmg lawa belaka…

kak min email skit price range and type of cake for wedding..ada org tanya la…

and selamat hari raya aidilfirti & maaf zahir batin ye kak min …

Nancy Tan says:

Thanks Min for your complement. We are honour to have you to teach kat Cake Connection. Ahh… the cake is awesome.. the matching of the colours to that of the Alstromeria.

jun says:

min..cantiknyer munger2..slamat ariraya yer..

Mak Teh says:

Oh..Wow!!!!I dare not eat la..sayang ,terlalu cantik.happy Hari Raya Eidul Fitr.. I raised my hat…

intan says:

K.Min ni kalau buat apa2 pun mesti jadi punya. Lawa pulak tu!!!


Min says:

Thanks Fabmom, nervous jugak ni nak teach kat tempat orang, but I’ll try my best ! Thanks for the tag ya. And happy raya to you..dtg KL, mesti singgah rumah tau.

Ida, tkasih juga, camera tu nasib baik jadi.. bunga kat atas tu sponsor, memang kaler dia mengancam !

merpati66 says:

wahh betol2 terang wana tu…n your camera nikkon tu cun lee min…kalau ida gerenti tak jadi tu hehehe

fabmom says:

congrats min for having been chosen by Cake Connection! and those flowers memang nampak real!