Castle cake

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2009 started in a good way for me. Completed the cake below for adorable little Tisha. Thank you Shilme for the order.

The little princess, see the magic wand ?

Making a castle cake is not easy, I have to prepare pastillage, fondant and also royal icing. All three made from icing sugar.. Pastillage is used for the pillars, fondant to cover the cake, royal icing to glue the pieces together.

This is actually my first castle cake… been wanting to make one forever. So I took the challenge and am so glad it came out ok. Well, the castle is far from perfect. The tallest tower keep leaning backwards. Transporting the cake is also a risk.. the safest would be to assemble the towers at the party place. Downside is, you have to bring with you the tools, royal icing etc to finish the cake there.

Any questions, please join the Bakingproject Yahoo group and post your questions there… Have a good year, everybody :) .


rodziah says:

hi… cantik semua kek kak…i nak resepi boleh untuk cupcakes and royal ising… tq.

Yasmin says:

Thank you all.

Ratt, akak tak buat kelas castle. :)

ratt says:

ada buat kelas x? kalau ada nak masukk!!!

eena says:

wow..cantiknya ur castle. i tried to make one but not as beautiful as yours. i really like ur work. cantik n kemas

lisa umar says:

this is fantastic!!!

siti says:

Min..trsergam indah castle tu..sukanya saya tengok..hebat betul min…

ninoz says:

passion rulesss!!
keep up the gud work kak min..:)

honeycups says:

Sis…i always adore your work…. tis is something new to me….hehehhe

ida isk says:

fuyoooooooo min cun tu, kalau ida lee mahu jadi bentuk gua kot..heehe

Shilme says:

everyone adores the cake! Sorry didn’t manage to chat much with you! Thanks, will absolutely place more order in future, insyaallah.

Mai says:

Sooo beautiful! Love it at first sight!

aimi says:

kak min…. sukanya tgk castle kek ni… mmg cantik… kerja tgn kak min mmg kemas sgt2… terpegun saya tgk..