Cake for an England Rugby fan

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Ordered by Emil, thanks dik !

More pictures in my Flickr. Happy New Year everyone – “another year, to get it right !”. 

wiz says:

Happy New Year Min! May all your cake dreams come true. I will be taking a breather kut this year. Got more classes to teach. Cakes have to wait awhile, well, we shall see how long this itchy hands can stay away from everything cake.

Min says:

thank you Linda, Ida and Kak Ida.. happy new year to you too, kita doakan yang terbaik utk tahun baru ni :) .

Emil, happy sgt dgr cerita Emil ni. Tqvm for the order.

Zarida, the gumpaste/ flower paste recipe tu, kalau buat betul-betul, jadi. Itu la resepi yg akak dok guna and jual. Memang gp a bit hard. Masa masak gelatine and glucose tu, kena betul-betul cair. Semua dah hancur, baru tuang ke aising sugar, sekali ngan egg white tu. To fix yg keras, just need again, masukkan shortening or water or glyserine sikit. To do my fabric effect, I use a mixture of 50:50 fondant and gumpaste.
Kek rugby kat atas tu kek butter with orange. Hope I’ve answered your questions dik, in the future boleh tanya in BakingProject Yahoo group ye. Thanks ;) .

zarida says:

Assalamualaikum Min..ya..your cake looks superb and I’m sure it taste great too. May I know what cake did you make? Anyway…nak tanyalah…I tried your gum paste recipe but after I made it, I just wrapped with cling wrap and put aside without putting it in a container and in the fridge. However, when I unwrapped it the next morning to start doing my flowers, the dough was coarse, not smooth and pliable, and a little bit dry. So, what did I do wrong? …and how to fix it to make it smooth again. Another thing, do you usually do drapes and handkerchief using fondant or modelling paste? Sorry banyak tanya …

kak ida says:

Hi Min, Happy New Year may this year will bring good health to
all of us. Have a nice holiday and good luck……
love kak ida…..

emil@mamamia says:

hi kak min…trillion thanks to you…your cake were superb…my husband really shock when he saw the cake..he even cut out the rose shape and put aside…dia rasa sayang nak makan…sebab cantik…and all my guest also replied good about the cake…

thanks kak dreams to suprise him finally had been fullfill

ta ta

ida isk says:

selamat tahun baru semuga terus berjaya

Linda says:

Eeiii… Akak… best nye tgk… mmg menancam betullah…