Cupcakes decorating ideas – poured fondant

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Hi, still on the subject of cupcakes decorating. This time using poured fondant. Basically, poured fondant is made by heating up roll fondant, either the one that you buy ready made or you make yourself from scratch. You can heat it up in two ways, by using the microwave or double-boil. If using microwave, just let it melt for 1 minute (not up to boiling point). Since I have abandoned my microwave, I double boil it on the stove until it turns liquid. The consistency should be slightly thicker than a condensed milk.

While waiting for the fondant to melt, glaze the cooled cupcakes with apricot jam (apricot jam diluted with a few spoons of hot water). Set aside. Check the fondant, if it is too thick, just add a teaspoon of hot water a little bit at a time. Once the consistency is right, add any colouring you want. You have to work quite fast here as the fondant will dry up quickly. Take the cupcakes and dip the top into the poured fondant.


Or you can spoon the poured fondant onto the cupcakes.


If you find that the layer is too thin, wait for it to dry and then apply a second coat.

Once it is dry, you can decorate the cuppies in anyway you want. Easy, right ?

This is where the fun begins. I decorated mine with some fondant cut-out flowers.



I’m really pleased with how this project turn out. The poured fondant looks nice and smooth. Now I can’t bear eating this cuppies, I’m reminding everyone in the house not to touch it. Go get the bare naked cuppies, and leave this one alone !


Yasmin says:

Salam Azimah, just melt guna double boil method gak.. tapi rasanye mungkin tak sesuai utk cream cheese. Utk choc boleh guna ganache yg cair.

Azimah says:

Ka Yas,

Nak tanye macam mane nak buat poured fondant in Chocolate atau Cream Cheese flavor? :)

Rina says:

This too great..I’m a sucker ford simple but cute cupcake. Love it..love it..

By the way, I’ve sent an email about personal classes…

Yasmin says:

Wkmslm Moon, caranye sama cuma pakai spatula utk licinkan. Sama cara dgn buttercream. tq.

Moon says:

Salam. Boleh tak tunjukkan cara macam mana nak cover cupcake dengan coklat atau cream cheese?

ida says:

Asalam saya aberminat nmengikuti kelas fondant di kota kinabalu. Dimana , bila dan berapa bayarannya.

Yasmin says:

Akma, kotak cupcake ada jual kat kedai mcm Bake with Yen, Cake Connection, Bagus, dan kedai-kedai yg jual bahan bakeri.
Tinit, dah lama tak jual dah. Sori :)

tinit says:

kak min… still jual fondant lg tak? harga brpe?

akmafazli says:

kak min…nak tya..mana nak bli kotak untuk isi cupcakes tu…

Jaime says:

i havent ever really been into cupcake decorating, but ive always kinda wondered about it, this is a wonderful idea with fondant, but where would i find it???
and i love the flowers lookin very sexy ontop of the pink cupcake mix… id love 2 b able 2 do things like that.

lyndsay says:

hi! thanks for posting this… very useful demonstration! cheers

Min says:

Hai Inn, poured fondant ni is actually quite messy. Works well for small cake, like cupcake size. Mini cake, I think boleh. Bigger cake, to me not advisable. Nanti nak kena letak more than one layer, nak bagi nampak smooth. Why dont you try with cupcakes first and see ? Thanks.

inn says:

kak min, boleh ke kita guna poured fondant ni to cover mini cake? or maybe a bigger cake?? i wanted to try it tonite but i think i shud ask for some advise 1st,:) thanks ya

Min says:

Hi Zara, lovely to hear from you. I love your blog and always learn something new from you. Your butterfly topper is beautiful. Now I’m thinking of getting the roller with the emboss thingy to create one like yours. Thanks very much.

Zara Miravent says:

oh, and lovely paper cases :-)

Zara Miravent says:

Oh, these are sooo pretty! And I can tell you it never ocured to me before to melt rolled fondant to get poured fondant. Great idea!

Min says:

Wiz, I really admire your work.. fuhh ! Entah bila la I nak sampai to your stage, your fondant cakes are amazing. Ada buat class ke ? Tak nampak pun details dlm blog, nak juga belajar. Thanks for visiting.

wiz says:

Hi Min,

You have such zest to try out many ideas, and sharing them too. To share, one has got to be generous and also rajin to document every single step involved. I am so not the rajin when it comes to the documentation part. Just want to say thank you for having a blog such as this – a great one Min, at least now if someone asks me how to do certain things, I will direct them to your blog. Hope you don’t mind.

Min says:

Zai, I tengok your blog boleh tahan jugak all your cakes ! Cantik..takpe la, anytime you dtg KL boleh la borong beli semua barang and ingredients.

zaitgha says:

i like what you are doing here Min, thanks for sharing but here in Seremban its kinda difficult to find tools and other bakery thingies. And if available they are costlier than in KL….

fabmom says:

this is too good. every childrens’ dream.

MizFit says:

(and never be intimidated by a caricature :))