Fondant designs

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I bought 1 kg of pre-made fondant and started experimenting using the icing gel colouring I got yesterday. I wanted to make my own flower sugar paste but then I couldn’t find any shops selling gum tragacanth. Anyway, it was fun, just like playing with plastercine when we were kids. Me and my maid just made some simple designs to be used later on our cakes or cupcakes. The ready items need to be dried thoroughly and then it can be kept for months.

Here are some snaps my papparazi took (the designs are not totally dried yet) :



Me attempting to make baby bootees. Using the end of my fruit fork to make the hole. Rib textures using the sharp end of knife. You can use any ordinary items to suit your design.


Ok, what do you think ? Can larr.. Imagine if we make pink booties placed on top of pink cupcakes. Melt my heart !!

I can’t imagine being able to do all of this if I am still working like a mad man in my office. For now, I’m so relieve and enjoying life as it is. I’ll try to find time to make more motif and definitely will be featured here. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Min says:

Hi Betty, thank you. Wish I’m there coz it’s quite pricey here in Malaysia. I’m sure you are an expert already since you have all Scott’s gadgets ! Thanks for dropping by.

BettyW says:

Try this website. I get all my gumpaste supplies from Scott Clark Woolley:

I have all his DVDs, cutters and veiners. There is nothing like his gumpaste recipe! His price on gum tragcanth can’t be beat. Well worth the money.
He gives you his recipe for free too.

Min says:

Hi Christine, tq tq. I went to Wilton in PJ today but it was closed due to public holiday today.. anyway, thanx for dropping by & hope to see more of your cakes on your blog.

Min, for the gum tragacanth, you can look for Wilton’s GumTex powder. I think it’s the same thing. I love the little booties!