Sugarpaste – 3D figures

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It was raining very heavy in KL, there’s nothing much to do except to stay indoors. So this is what I did this afternoon. Practicing making some animals, using fondant / sugarpaste. As usual, most of them are overweight :lol: , like this teddy bear.


And this fat chick.


Notice the sharp knife I’m using. You can buy this in any hardware shop. Very useful to make the feathers and the shape of the little chick’s feet.

A clown :


I also tried making this cute elephant. Macam cacat kan ? Poor elephant..


Lastly I attempted to make a Sleeping Baby. First, to make the frills on the baby cot. Cut out a few round shapes using this cutter.



Use a toothpick to thin the edges only, move forward and backwards, all the way around and you will get the frills.


Make a cut and you will get one long row of frill. I use two colours.


In the end, after lots of touch up, here’s how my baby turned out :

The size of this whole thing is just as big as the palm of my hand, so imagine how difficult it is to shape the face. Thank God it’s quite blur here.. I think the head could be better off if it’s a little bit small.

Well, I hope this will inspire the artist in you. Good night, everybody ! (off to see AF now ).


Mathi says:

The figurines are so cute. Starting to fall in love with gumpaste…:)

By the way Kak, what’s the difference between gumpaste & fondant?


Min says:

kak Wan, selalunye saya tengok kat Pastrypro byk. pastrypro.com.my. Tq.

Kak wan says:

Assalamulaikum, boleh tanya mana nak cari wedding cupcake stand (3 tiers)? atau mana2 supplier yg min tau blh bagitau akak. Thanks

anna says:

thanks min for the answer =) really appreciate it and surely from now on ur web will be one of my fav place to browse =D

Min says:

Ana, I’m not good at making the eyes. I think you are better than me. Normally I see they use the edible pen, or press a round shape with a small straw. Or just glue a tiny round gumpaste for the eyes. White and then the black on top. I’m using Wilton gel colour too and there is no white, probably because the fondant original colour is already white.
Thanks for visiting Anna, I’ve seen your blog. Very very pretty.

anna says:

helo min. great & so happy to bump into ur blog, which is full of info. and yes i do use that kind of knife too but i hv 1 question. what shall i sue to paint the eyes on the figurine? currently im using the edible pen but i cant create those white around the pupils. is there any colouring (im using wilton’s coloring). thank you!

Min says:

Thanks Fatboybakes, I need to make the middle section smaller, always over estimate the size.

fatboybakes says:

so cute la, esp the fat teddy.

Min says:

Val, baby tu Asian, that’s why la colour dia hangus sikit.. Zall tu ada website, check it out. Kirim salam ye. hehe :P

val says:

min, mamat bernama zall (dalam gambar sebelah – recent visitors) boleh tahan menawan ya……if itu gambar sebenar lah…..

val says:

min heheheeh i adore the pink and overweight elephant. the baby mcm anak si chuky kan hehehehe.or macam budak yg dalam CSI (ada iras-iras muka grissom, but yang hangus terbakar heheheheh). Kudos for ur amazing effort