Cupcake decorating ideas

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I have to say that I’m not really good at cupcakes decoration. I guess I need more practice to be a pro like some of my blogger friends out there. Anyway, this morning I made cupcakes, using the basic mix. Here’s the recipe again.

3 eggs

1 cup butter (softened)

3/4 cup caster sugar

1/2 cup of milk

1 1/2 cup of self-raising floor (sifted) If you don’t have self-raising, see here for substitute.

1 teaspoon vanilla essence


First, preheat oven to 160 C and arrange all the cupcakes paper in the cupcake pan. Beat the eggs lightly, then add butter and sugar. Mix until it turns light and all fluffy. Then add the milk & vanilla alternating with the flour. Beat for a further 2 minutes (do not overbeat). Pour into the cupcake not more than 3/4 full. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes.

I use this basic mix all the time, just try it with different frosting on top.

Here’s some I made today for my girl, Arissa, to bring to her Sekolah Agama class. This is really mini, I didn’t have the right pan. So I arrange all in the baking tray and it came out with some distorted shapes.. :-| . What is the right way to bake this mini cuppies, can someone help me ?




I sure had fun decorating them :



Ready-packed for Arissa to surprise her classmates.. hopefully it will bring smiles to their faces.



I made double volume and so the rest, I baked in regular size. Added some jelly drops on top. Trying to practice my swirl here..



I like how the yellow icing turn out..this is the tip I used :


Baking cupcakes is so much fun, isn’t it ? No wonder everyone, everywhere is doing it, its one of the simplest bite size dessert to make. I’m just a few cupcakes behind. Time to catch up !


NUR says:

sis, i have found the tray for mini cupcakes..so definitely it is sold..maybe tak jumpa lg kot sis…

Yasmin says:

Salam Fiefi, boleh cuba tanya kat http://www.pastrypro.com.my. Tq.

fiefi says:

salam.. semua.. fiefi nak tanye kat mane nak beli edible ink n icing paper. n bleh ke pakai printer biase. ..

liz says:

min…kat bandar baru bangi @ KL kita org guna yg hard cover tu…jd shape dia cantik bila dibakar. ada colour2 lagi n dtg dgn saiz yg kecil – besar. kalu nak makan cuma kita inlargekan je,more hygiene,presentable dan memang ctk.murahpun murah..tak yah guna underline @ acuan sbg penyokong….

farra says:

Kak min, saya selalu buat mini cuppies ni. Saya pakai tray yang untuk buat kuih sarang semut/ almond london tu.

Min says:

Thanks Zai, Siti & Akma. Dah jumpa dah bekas cuppies comel lote tu.. tapi aluminium foil tak jumpa lagi.

Akma, meh la join kelas bila-bila. Thanks.

akmafazli says:

yup..serious..betul tu…acuan kuih untuk mini cuppies tu memang ader dijual…aluminium foil punya cuppies size pon ader…i have it…my mom bli dari kedai yang jual bahan2 buat kuih..but it was here…kluang johor…i think kat memana pon ader jual gak…cuma kna rajin survey…
btw i pnah buat mini cuppies tu…memang comel dan cam sayang nak dimakan…
kalo ada rezki i will join ur class kak min…tu pon kalo my daughter nak kat bapak dia….hehehe….

siti says:

senang aja kalau nak buat the mini cuppies. get the small tray like u use the big one. like the muffin tray tapi smaller version. i have that, mcm2 kuih makoke atau apam berinti bole buat.

zaitgha says:

mini muffin tray tu pun ada jugak…..but if you made this size you will get many2 cakes and best is cari the tartlets mould tula coz the mini tray tu pun ada 12 holes jugak …..

Min says:

Zai, tu la..I was wondering ada ke jual mcm muffin tin utk cuppies yg kecik sangat ni..selalu I nampak tin tu yg lubang size biasa je. Kena survey lagi la ni. Herot benyot cuppiesku..thanks for the advice.

zaitgha says:

hi Min,

if you want to do small cuppies i saw many use the tartlets mould……of course you can get kat bakery shops…but i think you have to get quite a few….

min says:

Val.. hari tu u deco the cupcakes pun mengancam jugak !

kalau nak beli piping tips ni kat kedai bakery supplies mesti ada..cuma exactly yg macam I pakai tu, kena tanya kat kedai tu ada ke tak. Normally they keep all the tips kat dlm plastic drawer kecik. Yg tu I beli kat Bagus Marketing kat Melawati. Cuba la buat cupcakes, seronok !

MamaNumiyn says:

I bab2 deco ni, kantoilah. Seronok tengok orang lainnye. Kat mana ye nak beli nozzle tu? Teringin plak nak cuba.

val says:

uiiiii min I want to be arissa’s classmate….