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I was in JB on Monday morning, finally had the time to read Sunday’s Star paper. I was quite surprised to see a one page article on Cake Connection. There was a big picture of Nancy and Shyamala, congratulations ! And on the side, small pictures of my cake and cuppies above. Thank you for that, too..

See more pictures in my Flickr - cakes done during the PME class ( finally, I got the diploma on 17th Dec 08 ). Also some pictures of the students in JB. Terima kasih semua, for attending my class.

And lastly, Merry Christmas to all of you who are celebrating, no matter where you are.


siti says:

hai Min..terimakasih byk atas ilmu yg min curahkan pada saya dan kawan2 lain kat JB..semuga min terus suksess..dan semuga dpt berjumpa lagi..

Min says:

thank you and a Happy New Year to everyone !

Hey Yasmin
great going…loved your earlier creations of roses and naughtiness.
I would also like to wish you Merry Christmas and wonderful ushering into new year 2009.

wiz says:

Proud of you Min!!! Apasal you tak lepak2 kat cake connection tu masa derang buat photo shoot? Kalau tak mesti masuk dalam paper muka you. It is just a matter of time je before you’ll be famous.

ida isk says:

wahhhhhhh min nie sudah bagus nanti leh kembangkan sayap tu gie jauh2 lagi ya…

Tamil Selvi says:

Hi min,

anna says:

congratulations min! u have long way to explore this world. i adore all ur work… tatau bila la ada masa nk berguru dgn u ni

Thilaga says:

yes..yasmin….remembered you and your cakes when i read this article..told my hubby tis is one of my friends masterpieces!

Nancy Tan says:

Thank you Min for posting us on Baking Project Min and thanks to your lovely cakes. :)

rani says:

congrats k.min!!! tak sabaq nk gi belajar ngan u!!!