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Steam buttercream

I’m sure most of you have heard the term “steam buttercream”. Everyone seems to be talking about it, now. I’m not a fan of buttercream, obviously I’m more into fondant. But curiosity kills the cat, I attended a class to see what the hype was all about. Seriously, I think the word “steam” is quite misleading. More appropriate would be sort of, “melted or poured buttercream”. Here are some pictures using the “steam buttercream” technique.

First you have to make sure all the cake edges are not sharp. So, we need to trim and make it slightly curvy. This will allow the buttercream to flow down smoothly.

For the buttercream, you could use any recipe. But avoid any meringue or egg based recipe, and also whip cream. It is best to prepare more than needed, coz you need a lot to ensure it covers all sides of the cake. Boil some water in a huge wok. Put the buttercream in a plastic container (not steel as it would be too hot). I don’t like the idea of putting the very thin plastic into hot boiling water, any other altenative, anyone ? Anyway, hold the cointainer above the water, and dip the bottom a few times into the water. All the while, you need to stir the buttercream. Keep stirring until the buttercream is softened to a pouring consistency. It would take probably about 3 minutes. But to a person who doesn’t exercise like me, my hands started cramping after a few seconds of the constant stirring :) .. Never allow the buttercream to get too hot, if it starts getting oily, remove from heat and mix well again.

Place the cake on top of a wire in a big tray (see the picture above). Now you have to be quick. Start pouring on the edges. Then pour all the balance in the middle on top of the cake. Immediately after this, you have to shake, shake, shake the cake (kasi gegar same dia..). Then all the buttercream will flow down. Never tilt the cake. The pouring technique needs practice, as you can see below, not all of the cake surface is covered and the top is not so smooth.

Just leave the cake for a few minutes and the buttercream will hardened. You are left with a beautiful smooth finish. You could actually patch any uncovered area using a spatula, as usual. But try not to touch the top of the cake or you’ll ruined the smooth buttercream. The cake is ready to be decorated in any way you like.

The balance of the buttercream can be kept in the fridge and recycled. But make sure any cake crumbs are removed first. I like this technique, but first I have to ensure I have a maid, who will do the cleaning up !

Good luck to you. :)




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Puvan says:

Yasmin, Thank you for sharing this technique. I tried it recently and the cake was smooth and shiny. Everybody was amazed. You can see the result in my blog below.

Thanks again.

Nesa says:

Hi kak

Can we crump coat the cake with buttercream before pour the steamed butter cream.


Jackie says:

Thank you kak Min.

Janet K says:

another question, ya KAk Yasmin..if I dont have heavy duty mixer, boleh tak I guna Hand mixer to buat fondant and gum paste?

Janet K says:

Hello Kak Yasmin, Can I get gum paste recipe from you? ada tak recipe ni in your website, cuma fondant..

Nani says:

Saya suka lawat Rumah Min ni.
Terima Kasih banyak2.. Saya suka buat steam buttercream ni. senang dan cepat..

Yasmin says:

Sama-sama Ieda.

ieda says:

salam k.min,

best betul blog akak nie…dah lama nak belajar steam buttercream nie..thanks banyak2 kak..

rusita says:

salam kak min,

boleh ita dapatkan resepi steam buttercream?? terima kasih kerana membantu

Min says:

Salam Chef, nice blog, kirim salam kat Kak June ye.

Fizah, tak pernah pulak akak try on dummy cake. Tak sure akan jadi ke tak. Sebab icing tu panas sikit, and permukaan cake dummy tak smooth. Mungkin kena buat tebal sikit. Tapi kalau buat byk layer pun tak jadi style ni. Tak yah letak dlm fridge, dia akan mengeras sendiri kat luar. Berapa lama tahan, mcm buttercream biasa. Tq.

fizah says:

salam..hi min..steam buttercream ni boley apply to dummy cake x?cmne ek?n brape lame steam buttercream ni boley tahan?perlu letak dlm fridge x?sbb takot bile kuarkan dr fridge, cake akan jd melekit..need ur advice.thnx k! ;)

chef asma says:

As salam Min… salam perkenalan… ye… steamed butter cream tu senang jer…. saya pun ada masukkan gambar dalam … guna jer resepi asal butter cream… yang nampak cantik dan berkilat tue .. disebabkan gula dan butter … apabila kita double boil .. guna wap… mmg nampak cantik…. ok… gud luck….

Min says:

Salam Eda, lamanye tak dgr cerita.. akak pun dah tak sempat nak menyinggah blog korang semua. Maklum lah, full time housewife ni. (takde bibik lagi). thanks melawat ye.

Moon, salam dik, akak pun tak sure why berkulat. Mungkin boleh tanya kat Bakingproject group why. Mungkin berpeluh ke ? dgn cuaca lembab kita sekarng ni. Atau buat awal sgt ?

moon says:

Salam… Kak min nak tanya skit…

saya ada terima tempahan cupcakes coklat… and then ini first time saya buat yang terbanyak sebanyak 250 pcs… dan first time org jauh order kat saya… tak la jauh sangat, org seremban juga… tapi yang musykilnye… sampai di seremban, cupcakes berkulat… Boleh saya tahu apa puncanya???

eda says:

salam kak min…..lama tul eda tak tinggal jejak umah akak ni….asyik ngintai je….hehehheh….tq diatas info yg berguna…..barulah eda faham camner cara nak buat steam buttercream ni……sblm ni blurr habis…..

fatimz says:

Salam KAk Min,

now i know d rite method of making the melt buttercream, but just to save my time, take a short cut n put in the oven, for 1-2 mins, must keep an eye coz it gets melt very fast than double boiler. i like this method cos mostly my cust prefers buttercream. simple n fast. not to mention the cleaning part.. hehehhehe…

Mathi says:

A very nice cake. I love to work with buttercream and your info is very useful. Thanx for sharing.

Min says:

Diba, rasanye takde tip, just pakai spatula atau scrapper besar utk angkat kek tu dari bawah. Comot sikit takpe, sebab nanti kita akan pipe border bawah kek tu jugak. Leftover tu boleh recycle. Cuma pastikan takde byk crumbs / kek dlm tu. Berapa kali panaskan, tak sure pulak. Simpan dlm fridge the balance, janji sampai tak expire dah le.

Linda, nampak cantik gak kek Linda tu, jadi la kan pakai teknik ni. Resepi yg akak ajar tu, akak tak pernah try lagi buat. So tak boleh nak komen lagi. Sebabnye akak tak selalu buat kek buttercream, more on fondant cakes. Thanks.

Linda says:

Salam Kak Min,

Linda dh try your method ni.

- But I didn’t use bekas plastik or besi. I use corningware. Agak ok jugak resultnye. It just corning ware tu agak berat… heheh… tp best jugak sbb corningware tu kan panasnye lama sket. So, Linda just double boil kejap and angkat. Then trus kacau jek.
- Tp Linda tuang atas cake board. Tu yg jenuh tu. Sbb kna lap blk bhg tepinye…
- Overall I like this method. Linda gna recipe Kak Anis yg gna liquid glucose.
- Agak2 recipe yg akak bg kt class tu sesuai tak utk this method?
- Ni result nye. Linda tuang atas cake.

diba says:

Salam Kak Min…

I tried this method twice..

*Yg 1st tu smooth, tapi gatai tangan melepa icing tu bila dia dah cantik tersebar.. Trus ada garisan2 bekas pisau…terus tukar ala2 ‘matte’ kalo tak cantik je dia shining..huhuhuu… Nak adjust dah tak boleh sbb cepat membeku icing tu..This one i used kak Misleha’s recipe.

* 2nd lak, i used creamwell+ susu tin.. ( nak cepat la kunun)MINYAK sangat2.. Api jaga bebaik2 pun kuar minyak.. dah la buat banyak.. mmg buang terus.. hehe… Bukan boleh guna sebarang buttercream rupanya..

Any tips mcmana nak remove the cake to cakeboard after tuang the buttercream ? Tak rosak ke? Yg saya try aritu tuang atas cake board. mmg sememeh abis.. hehehe

And, leftover buttercream tu boleh recycle ke? sbb dia beku semacam. Boleh berapa kali panaskan the buttercream tu yer?

thanks kak min.. ;)

Min says:

Hi Thilaga, call me la 013-3399243.

thanks Anna and Lynn. Lynn, projek tu amacam ?

Aimi, tq. Kelas kat Pahang, nanti la, Aimi carikan student, kalau cukup org, boleh la ke sana.. anything email me ya.

salam kak min… selalu dtg sini tapi tak pernah tinggal jejak.. anyway, thanks so much for d info… saya mmg tak try sgt method ni tapi tak tau macamana… bila ada pics ni semua, baru blh bayangkan…. :D

ps: kak min takde plan nak buat kelas fodant kat pahang ke??

lynnhassan says:

pernah cuba , but i don’t like this method, because after double boil, or bc jadi oily dan nak makan pun segan, fikirkan kolestrol…

anna says:

kak min, me did try this method but i tend to use spatula to smooth the surface =P which is very very wrong. tp tu la…mmg this method senang cuma banyak kerja …

Thilaga says:

hi yasmin…when i bake butter cake or any cake…the cake tak naiklah…if naik pun then penyek
i seeyour cake so padat…the taste of my cakes has improved but the texture…burnt at the sides and bottom, tak naik and so on

Min says:

Hi Daalia (cun betul gambar kat bloglog tu !) Yes, nice to meet you too, nanti free I melawat your blog and fp ye. Ermm, bila ye nak jumpa lagi ? Jumpa di alam siber je la. Thanks very much.

Daalia says:

Salam Min … remember me .. ? Hey, tak di sangka I met Min the Baking project owner at the steam buttercream class….. realy nice to know you dear… I have been admiring your fondant and sugarpaste work all this while, cuma tak tinggal jejak jek….

Yup.. gegar jangan tak gegar Min kek tu after tuang the steam buttercream… i tak sempat lagi nak post the steam buttercream class entry kat blog and my FP…. ( )

ok dear, hope our paths cross again … take care and all the best in your baking projects …

USJ Subang Kaya

ida isk says:

Salam min, kita bab nak mengemas tu yang angkat bendera tu..heheee

Linda says:

wow Kak Min… mmg teringin sgt nk belajar method yg ni… mcm tu rupenye… tp Linda sokong laaa part yg akak ckp kurang sesuai gna bekas plastik utk lembutkan buttercream tu… xde tindak balas ker antara bekas plastik tu dgn buttercream erkk… linda pn nk cuba lah blk nnti… nnti Linda bgtau akak feedback nye erkk… heheh

Min says:

Salam Kak, kita kena pour masa tgh panas, masa buttercream tu lembut, kalau berminyak, alihkan dari air tu, kacau sampai hilang minyaknye. Tuang kat tepi semua bahagian kek dulu, pas tu tuang semua balance kat atas, tengah je. And then, gegar.. thanks Kak !

Assalamualaikum min..

thank you for the pictures above

1. pasal plastik nipis tu kan..apa kata guna plastik brand tupperware, beli yang bentuk separuh bulat

2. kalu ada pembantu memang best..kerja-kerja penyiapan dan pembersihan boleh depa selesaikan..memang my idaman juga ..he he

3. steam buttercream memang misleading bahasanya….selalu baca dlm blog, fp dan dengar kawan-kawan cerita dan rajin juga tengok recipe steam buttercream wilton….padanle kek kawin dua tiga tingkat tu licin …tentu depa pakai method camgini

4. thank you min…lagi bertambah faham akak bila min kata kita kena kemaskan tepi-tepi kek sebelum tuangkan buttercream tu…oh ya pour masa tengah panas-panas tu ke?…yg takut tu kacau-kacau kacau takut pecah minyak pula…..yg pasti tak cuba tak tau…nanti boxhousestudio call min kalu tak tahu k…mmm

salam baking

wiz says:

I did try once but never could gegar the cake properly he he he. I am like you a fondant person. But thanks so much for sharing.

inn says:

tq so much kak min, love u lahhh!!

Kak Ida says:

Hi Min..

Thank you for sharing, cantek but I think susah juga ya.
Anotherway can we use double boil I think the process is
the same don’t you think so…agree with you fondant is
better…thanks again Min.

rani says:

wehoooooo…..tqvm k.min!!! info yang sangat bermakna!!! tqvm for sharing!!!

Anne says:

Hi Min!

Thanks for uncovering this mystery. This is something I’ve been wanting to find out properly for a long time! It sounded like a shortcut to a smooth finish but you are right – it ain’t fun cleanin it up!

AQis@Taiping says:

wahhhh…menarik tu k min….mmg dah lama nk blaja nih…but x kesempatan blaja kat pastry pro ke nih????

Azizah says:

Waaaa, so beautiful. Thank you so much for the well explained info. You’ve revealed the “mystery”….and for sure it’s something worth trying. Probably not as good as what you’ve done.