A cake for a freelance photographer

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A very lovely girl, Hanim emailed me requesting a cake with a camera for her birthday man. I was quite hesitant to accept, not knowing if I would be able to make the camera, Nikon D300 to be specific. In the end, I accepted. There’s always a first time for everything. You’ll never know if you don’t try, right ?

So, after a few laborious hours, and one rejected camera, this is the final product. Written on top of the cake – “Grow up, Ben !” .


All in all, it was not very difficult to make. The first camera was rejected by my Sirim guy (hubby) who said the shape look more like an old compact camera. So, I guess the one below should look like a digital one. The only thing which is a bit tricky is to ensure the lense doesn’t drop. So I had to use some tooth pick to support the lense portion. Hope the birthday boy doesn’t bite into the lense :oops: . I’ve already reminded them on this, don’t worry.



I made extras for the cake (chocolate cake with ganache.. yummy!), I think I’ll have a bite now, with some hot coffee.. Thanks for reading, and thanks again Hanim for the order ;-) .



Yasmin says:

Hi Jess, yes I would be very happy to design the cake for you. Please email me at I cant email you, the address you left is not right. Thanks.

jess says:


ur nikon camera cake is so nice, actually i was planning to let my bf a unforgettable birthday party. and he very love in those DSLR nikon camera. so i finding a cakes shop for making a nikon camera cake. but most of the shop there cant make it. so may i know is that u can help me to design a cake? pls email me… i waiting ur reply hope tat you can help. thank alot

dea says:

would like to know how much would something like this cost? if just the camera by itself..

hope you could email me. tQ

MamaFaMi says:

Gosh Yasmin, your ‘camera’ is so detail. Cantiknya!

lollies says:

I am truly impress with this cake. the details at the back and everything is unbelievable. silap-silap ada dial for aperture and speed gak agaknya.


Min says:

Kak Tun, selamat hari raya jugak dan maaf kalau ada tersalah apa-apa. Saya first day pagi kat Shah Alam, petang balik Perak.. bestnye ! Selamat balik kg pada akak juga ye. Ada kad raya ke, terima kasih byk.

Ahmootha, thanks for calling the other day. Keep in touch ya.

boxhousestudio says:

“SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN DARI BOXHOUSESTUDIO SYAWAL 1429H”..jom amek kad raya …rindu kat min la…raya kat mana?

Ahmootha says:

this is lovely yasmin. wow!!!!
Selamat berpuasa….hey woman what is ur address ah?