Gum paste flowers – daisy

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Image : BluMania on flickr

I made some daisies today..it was so much easier compared to making “Lily of the Valley” flowers. Here are the items needed to make the daisies.

  1. Untinted gum paste
  2. Rolling pin
  3. Tiny pencil or stick
  4. Small wire or use your cake tester/ satay stick
  5. Daisy cutter
  6. Sponge
  7. Water and brush
  8. Stiff wires, 6 inches each
  9. Yellow royal icing
  10. Piping bag and tip
  11. Styrofoam block

Method :

Roll the gum paste and cut using the cutter. 2 pieces will make one flower.


Lay one shape on the sponge and roll the petal areas only, with the thin stick. Do not roll the centre part. The petal will become slightly bigger and thinner.


Do this with the wire to get the lines.


Wet the centre of the first shape, and stick the second shape on top. Press down and the daisies will curve up naturally.

daisy4a.JPG daisy5.JPG

I put mine in a small palette, cushioned with some cottons and let it dry for an hour.


Now prepare the stem. Roll a small ball of gumpaste and stick to the end of the bended wire.


Pipe some royal icing on top of the ball and stick the flowers.



Once the flowers are attached to the stem, pipe the yellow stamens.


Stick all completed flowers on the styrofoam to dry overnight.


If you find some of the petals drooping (oopsie-daisies ;-) ), don’t worry just glue it with the royal icing (and pray that nobody will notice).

So, here’s the end result :



Mission accomplished.. beddy-bye now ! Take care all of you..salam.



cthajar says:

Salam Yasmin,
Good work! Thanks for sharing this idea.

Anis Borhan says:

Salam Yasmin,

Love yr work and creativity…..
I m interested in purchasing yr daisy plunger cutter for cupcakes size 2.5in in diameter.
How can I go about it as I see yr online shopping page is not available at the moment.
I m in Shah Alam.
Thank you….:)

Min says:

Christine, I have that ball and veining tools, so much easier to use that, isn’t it ? The tiny stick I use, I got it together as a set complete with the book and all. That’s a good idea to use the diluted gum paste as glue. I was wondering if there is an easier way to it. Thought of using the CMC powder but that is also quite expensive here. Thanks for the tip.

Daisies are easy to make, and pretty too! We just learned it last wk in class. We made the indentations using the ball and veining tool though. Also, we diluted a pinch of the gum paste with warm water to make the glue to adhere the petals together. Did not learn hot to make the stem, but yours is a good idea. I probably won’t go through the trouble to make royal icing as adhesive… malas :P

Min says:

Intan, semenjak I duduk rumah ni byk la masa nak buat ni semua. Ikut buku je, tu pun byk lagi to improve. Thanks for visiting.

intan says:

So lovely… bila lah I nak jadi creative mcm you Min! :P

MizFit says:


I cant believe how talented you are at all this….not me :)

found you through your comment at back in skinny jeans…

off to see/checkout what I could never create :)