Making head and face

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Today I’ll be sharing with you the technique on making a baby’s face using fondant. First, start by making a small ball.


Then roll your index finger over the centre until you get a peanut shape. This will divide the face into the forehead and chin.


Pinch below the chin to make a neck.


Use the end of a small straw to make the eyes and mouth. And make a small hole for the nose socket.


Stick a small ball for the nose. Use the end of a toothpick to make the nostril.


Glue 2 more balls for the ears. Make a dent with the same toothpick.


You can then add the hair and maybe brush some pearl dust (added with corn flour) for the cheeks.

My baby.. sleeping and smiling :)


Here’s wishing you sweet dreams and a happy week ahead..



ayeswaryaashok says:

iam willing to buy face mould and books for baking cakes eggless please help me for this iam from India reply me thank u your work is execllent.

Cake Decorating Ideas says:

You make this look so easy. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m pretty sure if I did that my person would look more like Mister Bill than a cute little baby. But, perhaps with your great pictures I could actually achieve a baby : )

Min says:

Thanks kawan-kawan for your comment.

Joanna, my Kitchenaid is the heavy duty type. Coz I use it to make bread also (sometimes). Cost about RM2300 and I bought it at Bagus (www.bagus.com.my). Can’t remember the model.

Val, baby pram tu beli. I remember that episode. Lama dah tak tengok CSI. :)

val says:

min, cantik juga the baby punya katil kan.di u buy that ke?miniature bed ke tu min? min u suka tengok CSI las vegas tak?do u remember episode pasal Miniature killer tu? Heheheheheh u ada bakat membuat brg brg miniature ni o, as long as jgn jadi pembunuh bersiri mcm kat CSI tu je lah hahahahahaha

Joanna says:

Thanks for sharing with us your lovely work everday!
May I seek your advise on how to choose a stand mixer? I read you have a Kitchen Aid and wld like to know what model and how much it cost and what are the wonderful things it can do …. thanks much.

intan says:

Salam K.Min…

Dah lama intan x jenguk sini. Bukan lupa..tapi x boleh nak komen. Chat box pun sama…huhu

Take care k! ;)

Jen says:

wow you didn’t use a mold to make the baby’s face! impressive!

anna says:

aiseh lama betul tak ke sini…skali masuk tu dia…dah banyak sungguh la entry anna terlepas. cutenya baby in the pram =D and yerp that clay extruder mmg betul2 banyak membantu! cumanya ralat kt mesia ni depa tak jual hat jenis gun. yg tu much easier

Hi Min.. baby is so cute lah.. and the pram.. wah, bukan main cantik..haha..no wonder baby is sleeping with a smile on the lips :).. you have so many great ideas lah Min.

Min says:

Salam semua,

Thanks Ahmootha – this is not that hard. Practice makes perfect.

Emil, akak beli kat Pastrypro time sale.

Ida, tu pram silver, murah je, RM10.00 :)

Wiz, thanks.. love your hobbit pictures, best nye holiday. Jealous :(

Dida, you’re welcome to join my class any time. Thanks.

Dida Yummy says:

hi kak min,
i like to see a lot of creative ideas here. I hope one day I can join ur deco class. :)

wiz says:

It looks easy but the handling is complicated kan Min due to its tiny size. But great job as always!

ida isk says:

salam min, fuyooooooooooooo baby nie mesti anak raja tu tido dlm pram gold tu…thanks for sharing ya…

emil@mamamia says:

salam kak min..nak tanya mana kak min dapat baby pram tu ye…

Ahmootha says:

hey thanks, this is great! Looks easy, but you are a pro, so may not be that easy.