Making 3D figures

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Making 3D figures from fondant is not easy for me. It takes a lot of time just to make a single figure. Today I’m going to show you how I make some human figures. First start with two small ball for the buttocks. Add the legs.
Then add the body.


Put on the skirt or lower part of the clothes.

Before making the hands, put on the top shirt.


Now prepare the hands and add the sleeves.


Make the face, add the features and hair and touch up the whole figure. And it’s ready. Looks simple, but I take at least half an hour to do one of this.

Another figure, a baby ( a giant one ) .

My daughter who always kepoci when I do my sugarpaste, wants me to show her work too on my blog..This is hers :lol:

Anyway, you can learn more on how to make figures from an excellent tutorial at cakecentral.

Good luck to you !


Yasmin says:

Hai Sally, she’s 11 this year. This article was written 2 years back.. time flies :)

Sally says:

Your daughter’s one is very good! How old is she?

Min says:

Theadams..thank you, I love sharing and learning together, and knowing that we have so many sugarpaste lovers out there !

Ahmootha, I still owe you that pie class ye, will do that asap. My daughter thinks its like clay, she insist on drawing that face on my figures..perasan dia punya cantik. Take care.

Ahmootha says:

Hi Yasmin, this is really cool. Your daughter is pretty good herself and she will soon have her own classes. Thanks for sharing.

theadams says:

That’s cute,thanks for sharing!

boxhousestudio says:

lahai…baru la faham…thank you min…very good la you…
psst…akak ni dah berumur benor min…hah hah hah

ceria-ceria selalu

Min says:

Zai, no problem.. lama tak dengar cerita dari Zai.

Min says:

Kak Tun, saya tak faham. Fondant ngan sugarpaste tu sama. Yang lain is gum paste. Gum paste jadi keras. Fondant tak sangat. Boleh buat bunga guna dua-dua bahan ni.

CT Ediburgh ke ni ? Thanks singgah.

zaitgha says:

cute….but dont think i would venture on this as yet…..and thank you for sharing

CT says:

wowwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii good references for baking ni…will surely come here to learn…
thanks in advance for sharing d knowledge

boxhousestudio says:

min..selamat hari ibu to you…muah muah muah

ngeri memula tengok camne nak buat patung…he he..yg pasti min berjaya buat dia jadi kepoci….syiok kan?…akak suka sangat

cuma nak tanya…kenapa min selesa buat bunga ngan fondant dari sugar paste?…lebih senang?…emmm…akak tak pernah buat bunga dari sugar paste..fondant akak beli yang dah siap di kedai bakery je…pastu warnakan…ceritakan sikit min kenapa?

salam hormat dari ku