Cupcakes in a jiffy

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My brother called yesterday and announce that he’s taking us for lunch to celebrate my dad’s belated birthday. I had always wanted to make a nice birthday cake for my dad, but was waiting for him to come to KL from our hometown in Perak. My dad had just arrived in KL yesterday. Due to the short notice I only had time to bake some cupcakes and decorated with whatever fondant / gumpaste decorations I had in store. And thank God I’ve also made extra icing the day before, so that really saved me some time.

Here are the cupcakes, it says ‘Happy Birthday Wan’. ‘Wan’ means grandfather in Malay language. My daughter and nieces call my dad ‘Wan’.



Somehow, I think the decoration looked a bit too much, too crowded.. :-(

Anyway, since I made the basket weave pattern, for those of you who don’t know, here’s my note on how to create one. The tip I’m using is this :


The rope border was made using a star tube. I brush the inside of my piping bag with yellow colouring and then fill it with white icing. When I press out the icing, it will have a tinge of yellow.


Hope this information is useful.

Ok, take care. Tara luv !


susiek says:

Thanks 4 the tips….I will try

Judee says:

hi! this is really helpful! i love it! i was really wondering how to make a basket weave on cakes. thanks again! =)

Min says:

Hi Orchid, thanks. Love what you do with your K-popped blog, so much info on Korean stuff..keep up the good work.

orchid says:

Oh man…you had limited time and yet did the nice basket weave!? :-) Love the pretty cupcakes.

oh that is great min.. i would love to come an learn sugarpaste techniques from you :D

Michael says:

Hi Yasmin, thanks for registering for AMBP. You have a wonderful blog here so keep up the good work! Everything looks so mmmmmmm – sedap. Need to learn how to bake cakes myself. :-)

ila aka mummy syahmi says:

hi min..ehmm blog tak siap?? cuba link ni ok tak? http://decute.blogspot.com/ and http://rizq-kitchen.fotopages.com/

Min says:

Yozora, I’m giving a class to two of my friends on basic cake making. Maybe next we will do sugarpaste. But just basic course la. I’ll annouce here if confirmed.

Jun, Dayang & Boxhouse, thank you very much. Teknik lain mixing colour, rasanya cuma bubuh dua icing kaler je la dlm satu piping bag. Itu you all pun dah terror..

Terima kasih semua sudi mampir ke sini.. good nite.

boxhousestudio says:

min…thanks for the idea…tak sangka la pulak brush kan pewarna kuning tu dulu…nanti i cuba….teknik lain ada ke min?…thank you

dayang says:

hi min,cantik cuppies tu yer,suka sgt tengok comeyyy jer rupa nyer! ehehe

jun says:

hi min..cantik dah tu..nway, on behalf ur dad la yer..happy belated birthday….btw, min dok kl kat area mana..mana la tau, jun turun kl..leh singgah ambik cuppies sket, dpt seketul dah ler..wat perhiasan, cun sgtt..hahhaa….

they are so pretty min. i hope that i will be able to do as you do one day… i am still very “kindergarten” stage haha

Min says:

Intan, itu la tak sempat bagi apa.. abah akak tu ok sihat, cuma mak akak yg baru baik. Tahun lepas dia baru sihat dari chemo – breast cancer. Tapi alhamdullilah dah ok sekarang. Have a good week ahead, Intan !

intan says:

Happy Belated Birthday utk Wan…
Moga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki & dilindungiNya.

pssttt…Kak Min bg present apa utk Wan??? ;)

Min says:

Salam Ila, thank you melawat blog ni.. blog Ila tak siap lagi ye ? Bila buka link blog not found. Thanks ye.

ila aka mummy syahmi says:

Hi, salam perkenalan.
i found your blog last week and found it very interesting and informative. thanks for sharing those infos, am really admire your talent.

fabmom says:

they’re very very pretty Min! i luv the basket weave..i’ll try that someday.

Min says:

Thanks Val.. kuat lagi org tua tu.. maintain. My mom pun ok so far. Alhamdulillah.

val says:

uiiii min, menjadi o kek cawan u!!!! happy besday to bapa u ya.semoga diberi kesihatan yang baik.