Cupcakes recipe

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Here’s the basic recipe I used :

3 eggs

1 cup butter (softened)

3/4 cup caster sugar

1/2 cup of milk

1 1/2 cup of self-raising floor (sifted) If you don’t have self-raising, see here for substitute.

1 teaspoon vanilla essence


First, preheat oven to 160 C and arrange all the cupcakes paper in the cupcake pan. Beat the eggs lightly, then add butter and sugar. Mix until it turns light and all fluffy. Then add the milk & vanilla alternating with the flour. Beat for a further 2 minutes (do not overbeat). Pour into the cupcake not more than 3/4 full. Bake for 20 minutes or so.


Lynn Ong says:

Hi.. Kak Min..
the measurement of ingredients is in “cup”..
ade tak yg in “gram” ?
i tak biasa dgn cup measurement..
hope to hear frm u soon.
tqvm n have a nice day ye..

Yasmin says:

Wkmsalam Nafiseh, yes you can halve the recipe. Minta maaf takde buat kelas tempat lain selain KL now. tq.

nafiseh says:

salam puan,
is it possible to half the material???? or can i keep the ready material after backing first cup cake????????
i also live in skudai, do u have any class around?

Yasmin says:

Salam Leen, resepi kat atas ni sesuai utk solo cup sebab dia akan lekang, tapi rasanye sungguh sedap. Utk liner biasa, try resepi yellow cake yg akak bagi tu. Thanks dik.

Leen says:

salam kakmin,
I am one of ur student in jb…lama dah..
nak tanya, resipi cupcake yg ni, if i were to use souflle cup, then
it’s ok kan even if the cake is lekang from the cup…
kalau guna paperliners then as u said, it’s not suitable lah right…
for paperliners, i will try another cupcake recipes u’ve posted, but for souflle cup i guess i can use this recipe, what do u think kakmin?
tak datang jb lagi ke, i want to learn how to decorate using piping jelly…

Min says:

Val, kelakar la kau Val..takpe, belajar..

val says:

yo robbi min!!!begini pula buat cupcake.last christmas aku berangan konon mau buat cup cake with decoration ala ala christmas!!! aku tidak bubuh dlam acuan tin tu. I tot terus ja bubuh adunan dlm kertas cup and bake d cup je!!!when keluar cake telah jadi flat dengan kertas2 nya!!!!astaga!!!!rupanya mau bubuh d paer dl acuan pulak!!!!tq tq