Wilton gel colours

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My hubby was at home this morning and took me to this one really fantastic shop in Kepong called PastryPro. It’s like a dream come true shop for bakers, all sorts of cake decorating gadgets, ingredients and brands are available. Most are imported items, which explains why the price is quite high. Nevertheless, I splurged on some Wilton products. Icing colours for my buttercream :

It says here on the box :”Start with enough icing to cover the entire area, as matching shades later may be difficult. Dip a toothpick into the colour, then swirl it into white icing. Add colour a little at a time until you achieve the shade you desire. Always use a new toothpick each time you add colour to keep icing out of your jar of color. Blend icing well with a spatula”. Hmm.. now I have to go buy toothpick pulak. More hints printed on the box :”Royal icing requires more colour than buttercream icing to achieve the same shade….”

Below are icing colour, but in the form of concentrated paste/ gel. I’m planning to use this to colour my flower sugar paste. I wanted to make small flowers/ deco to put on cupcakes.

This are priced at RM8.90 each, so I bought only two coz I wanted to check out another shop selling Wilton’s product, to compare the prices.

Another item I bought today is this :

To cut out fondant alphabet and numbers, RM53.50. Made in China but so expensive ! I also got a fondant smoother and brush.. well, you can check out Wilton‘s website to see all their products.

I’m really looking forward to start my cupcakes flower project, just need to buy the ingredients to make the flower sugarpaste. Hopefully it will take off soon. :-D


Yasmin says:

Salam Sheena, if kat KL byk tempat yg ada. Bake with yen, Bagus, ICCA, Pastrypro.. just tengok link supplier kat top page, for the address. Cheers.

Sheena says:

Hai kak Yasmin, boleh tanya kat mana ada jual Wilton gel colors tuh? Sy dr sarawak… belum dapat jumpa. Nak suruh kawan tolong beli kat KL. Thank you.

Yasmin says:

Salam dik, utk brg tu, cuba try beli online. Utk buku akak, boleh terus ke Utusan Publications, juge online bookstore. Tq.

fatinmz says:

hi kak min, saya baru berjinak2 dan mempunyai minat membuat cc dan cake deco dan baru ni jumpa website kak min ni…gembira sangat. Bagaimana saya boleh dapatkan barang wilton terutama icing colour dan bake pan. Saya kini berada di middle east dan ingin mendapatkan juga buku terbitan kak min as per reference. i need ur help.

Yasmin says:

ok Good luck Nurul..

Nurul says:

Kak Min, I baru jumpa your site, and really love it! Nanti nak cuba gum paste & fondant art. Selalu bila jalan2 kat Wallmart i mesti stop kat Wilton area, berangan2 tapi tak beli. Maybe this is the time :D

Chandra says:

Hi Kak Min,

I’m new to your blog. It was quite interesting to explore your blog. I’m trying to bake cupcakes as hantaran for my bro in law’s engagement so I’m practising right now. Last week I tried one recipe but very upset due to the cake which rise so beautifully in the begining, sink while in the oven itself.
Can I know why the cake sink?

Sheryl says:

Hi Kak Min, I went on a mini shopping spree for cake decorating stuff yesterday :) Just to let you know that the Wilton 1oz icing colour at Pastrypro is now selling at RM9.80! Luckily I got mine from ICCA at Section 14, PJ, their price is RM8.00 only. What a difference!

Min says:

Hi Choohk, you’re in Penang ? Come to KL and buy your Wilton’s stuff here la.. thanks for dropping by, don’t forget to join my Group at Yahoo.

choohk says:

Hi Kak Min, thanks for sharing this, love your site with lots of info. But I felt the pain, I paid RM 28.50 more for Wilton’s 12 color icing set here in Penang :( , ouch!

Hanas says:

Hi min..
Saya baru blaja buat cupcake. saya dah try buat buttercream tapi xdapat warna putih pun..nape ye? min ada recipe royal icing x? any tips for a beginner like me? thanks..

Min says:

hi Scapo..I have just started baking quite often again since I resigned last 2 months. You’re always welcome at my site.. email me if I can be of any help. Tq :)

scapo says:

I luv to join…but i lost my confident to bake cakes since so long I didn’t bake on my own. Shall we share some ideas?

Min says:

Su, check out their website at Thanks.

su says:

nak tanya skit, kedai PastryPro tu kat mana? Boleh bagi address and direction?

Min says:

Sri, nanti aku buat posting aaa on the difference. Kasi aku buat research & thesis dulu on this subject :) nite nite!

sri says:

Hi min…mau tanya bah ni..apa beza between royal icing, butter icing and butter cream icing…and which icing yang paling sedap for cupcakes? please help me..tq