Mc Donald cake

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My sister requested a corporate cake, for her to include in her company profile. I couldn’t think of any corporate logo which can be done freehand. The ones with writing would need edible image, to get the fonts right. In the end, I came out with this McD 25th anniversary cake, which I think does not look corporate or formal enough :-| .


I must say it’s a case of mental block, ran out of ideas on what to put on the side of the cake. Thank God for the little star sprinkles..

Looking at the cake now do make me feel a little hungry.



The fries was done using the clay extruder.. I’ve written about the gadget before, look under ‘my gadgets’ category. The burger… personally I like the one I did before more. My daughter commented that this buns doesn’t look roundish enough. Well, I believe her. Children never lie.

I’ve got loads of things to do today, families are coming over for lunch. Both my hands are still aching from teaching at Cake Connection yesterday.. I’ll post the pics on that soon. Just a gentle reminder to all Malaysians (and myself), do not overeat during the Raya Open Houses today !


Ally says:

Love the hamburger … looks so real.

een says:


farah says:

Macam tak percaya ini adalah kek..macm original fries and burger..yum..yum..

emil@mamamia says:

kak min…cantiknya..sayangnye nak makan…the burger tu bule nampak sosnye..the fries..tok sah crite la…bule pengsan kalau emil dpt tau..aci tengok aje la..jgn sapa2 sentuh hehehehe

Min says:

Salam Akma & Faizah, thank you.

Akma, resepi cupcake ada under category “recipe”. Apa-apa, boleh email akak personally ye. Thanks.

akmafazli says:

kak min kalo nak order kek ni kan…bapa lak price nya…

faizah says:

wah min…. macam nak ngap jer burger tu…. nak cuba buat… tapi tools banyak yang belum dibeli lagi…

akmafazli says:

ya Allah kak Min oi….geramnyer ngan kek tu….wajib belajar nih… Insya-Allah sebelum hujung tahun la i register class ngan akak… sayang nya nak makan….husband saya pon skang rajin tolong saya decorate cupcakes…dan dia banyak bagi support suh saya blaja ngan akak…. next month saya kena buat cpkeks untuk hari pertunangan adik ipar saya…

cuma saya nak tya la kak….camana nak buat cupkeks tu jadi lembut…nak kena guna tepung span ker?atau akak bley bg resipi cupcakes coklat chips…hahahaha…..

Min says:

Thank you kawan-kawan for the compliments.. I think everyone can make the fries, if they have the right tools. Anything is possible :) .

merpati66 says:

salam syawal min, lapar lak tengok mcd tu balik nie kena beli jugak lee

Rebecca David says:

Great looking food. looks real too.

wiz says:

Clever idea Min! Job well done! Love those fries. Without the gadget, imagine cutting them manually….argh.

misliha says:

Ooooo God… really…really fantastic Min

Yeen says:

Hi Min, I’m Yeen from Kuantan. I would like to register for your baking class on the 24th and 27th October. Would really appreciate if you could give me the details and as to whether both classes are still available. I called you several times but no one pick up the phone. Thank you.

intan hazlin says:

Well done Kak Min! next project boleh buat Pizza Hut cake pulak kan?

ah mat gebu says:

Min….cake u tu cantik, dan paling nampak real, french fries tuuu, mcm nak kutip n makan saja….

Shamitha says:

It looks like the real thing. Well done.

wow Min.. the burger and the fries look so real lah.. i would have easily mistaken it for the real thing. you are really very very good.

m@ri@ says:

wah..menariknya..looks real n mcm nk mkn potato chip je ptg ni..hehe..

rani says:

nice and very delicious ya!!!