Guitar cake

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A request from Faizah, to surprise her hubby on his birthday party (wish my hubby is into guitars like this, wouldn’t it be cool ??).


I’m so glad she loved the design. So worried that she wouldn’t like it. Thanks Faizah !

The guitar took me a few hours to make.. probably about 3 hours. I made it one day earlier so that on the day of pick-up, I can concentrate on just covering the cake and doing the simpler designs. Well, this is my version of a Gibson SG Guitar..couldn’t do much since the size was too small. After all, it’s only a 7 inch cake :) .


Making this cake reminds me of my younger days.. I even had a Metallica CD, can you believe it ? :twisted: And 10 years forward, I am the typical middle-age lady who cooks and bakes. And love flowers ! I’m becoming like my mom, help !!


DeeDee says:

Hi Min Baking,

nak tanye. If i nk tempah this exactly cake how much will it cost? opss..i nk blueberry cheese cake flavor n at least 1kg.

n how bout the COD? i kat mutiara damansara area (IKEA)

kindly reply ASAP this is for my husband birthday this July 2009.

0122816941 – Dee Dee here.


shell says:

You had a Metallica CD? Haha….I’m a metalhead myself. Looking at me, people can’t guess my rocker side. But I’ve always been into baking (cos I like eating). Now I’m trying to get into decorating again after giving up a few years ago at my 1st try. Thanks for this blog.

mrpisang says:

klu cam kek ni bape hingget? ^_^”

Purple says:

nice cakes! i love the one with the bass guitar! something special. :)

Min says:

Hi Dylla, which cake are you referring to ?

Dylla says:

Hi Min,

Nice to know you. Can I know what lace u use for your cake. Pls adv.

Min says:

thank you all.. nice to hear from you guys.

Zurin, for gadgets my favourite place is Pastrypro in Kepong. http://www.pastrypro.com.my. I’m not up to date with zalita’s creation. So dont really know what she use. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

akmafazli says:

i’ve try the cupcakes recipe…giler best dan memang jd seperti dalam pix… pergh..best sangat2…xsabar nak tunggu 2next week la…for awa deejah berday..

Wan ferial says:

Hi Min,

Congrats..beautiful cake..am green with envy.

zurin says:

Hi Yasmin,
Lovely cakes!. I have a passion for baking and decorating too but i’ve run out of steam! lol…too much washing up to do. But since seeing Zalita’s (south africa) cupcakes I see a little glimmer of hope that I mite start again…just want to ask you whether u know where I can get fondant embossers like the ones zalita uses 4 her cupcakes…that lady is amazing! ive been to cake connection and they dont have what I want…perhaps you know where I can get some? BTW dont we all dont want to be like our mothers!!LOL my daughter grimaces everytime she thinks shes becoming like me. lolol

Faizah says:

Hi K min,

Thank you very much for the gorgeous cake.. my hubby still tanak potong gitar tuh hehe.. cantik sgt2.. thanks again.. =) you rock K Min!!!

akmafazli says:

pergh kak min…cun r kek 2

wiz says:

Now all I can say Min is…..You Rock Girl!!!!!!

Roz Razalli says:

salam, kak min…

love your masterpiece!!! I dulu pon rock2 gak, siap jeling2 mak I kalau dia suruh masak/ jahit seluar bapak/abg/adik yg koyak…

skarang, semua dah cuba… doa ibu kan, mmg kalah… But I’m glad…

ah mat gebu says:

Minn…bestnya guitar tuuu..i pun sukaaaa……kek pun cantik…Tak sangka kan, “sifu” min ni dulu minah “Metallica”….hehehe….

intan hazlin says:

beautiful work Kak Min..as always!

we girls eventually will turn out like our mom sooner or later, whether we like it or not! Haha!

Ahmootha says:

love it. gorgeous.