Decorating a chocolate log cake

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Me and my friend attended a cake-making demo session recently at this place (which I wont mention where).. the fee for the class was quite cheap, only RM30 and we registered last minute, hoping to learn how to better bake a few recipes, such as buttercake, cream puff, etc.  I was just tagging along with my friend and didn’t actually read the class description.  We were quite disappointed to find out that they were actually just promoting their brand of premix.  Premix buttercake, premix cream puff and premix for sponge cake.  Basically we didnt learn much, except on how to decorate a Christmas Yule log cake.  Oh ya, we were given like 5 pieces of  tiny cake to take back :(   .   So, I tell myself to be more careful next time,  before registering for any classes.

OK, so much for the sad story. Let me share with you the photos on how to decorate the chocolate logs..  You will need  sponge cakes, ganache, whip cream and icing sugar.  Follow the steps on how to make a swiss roll.

The hard crust is removed before rolling the hot sponge cake.

Roll first, before putting in the filling (above)  and then unroll, and fill with choc ganache and whip cream (below).

Leave the rolled cake for about 30 minutes or so, in the fridge for it to hold its shape.

Now comes the yummy (and messy) part.  Cover the cake with ganache and make the lines with a fork.  Note : here we only use shortening and choc to make the ganache because we want the consistency to be hard, not runny.  Also, I think it is better to put the cake on a wire rack before pouring the ganache onto it.

Ready logs are stacked.  Sieve icing sugar to replicate snow and glue all the deco pieces.  You could also make things like mushroom, leaves and so on from sugarpaste or marzipan, to further decorate the log.

More info on making Chrismas Yule log cake can be found here.  I think this is a wonderful and easy way to decorate a cake.  Maybe I’ll make one by using the swiss roll bought from Jusco, haha :)  The logs will be a bit big lahhh..  shortcut, why not ?  You could even make this for your kids’ birthdays.   Merry Christmas !




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